Who Is Monica Beets’ Husband? Know About Her Children And Father!

Monica Beets was born on November 7, 1993, in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. She became famous after being on the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Gold Rush.”

Monica is the daughter of Tony Beets, a successful gold miner, and Minnie Beets, who keeps the books, checks payrolls, pays bills, and does everything else that comes with an office job. In addition to Monica, the couple has two sons, Mike and Kevin, and a daughter, Bianca. The whole family works together in Tony’s Tamarack gold mine.

Monica Beets is married to Taylor Mayes. They have a child together. The two enjoy each other’s company. In this article, we will talk about her personal life.

Meet Taylor Mayes, Monica Beets’ Husband

Beets and her husband Taylor Mayes got married on August 11, 2018, in Dawson City, Yukon. One episode of Gold Rush also talked about the event. Her parents, siblings, and other cast members, as well as her pet dog Doyle, were all there for her big day.

Who Is Monica Beets’ Husband? Know About Her Children And Father!

Jennifer Marie Photography took beautiful pictures of the outdoor wedding, which was set against a colorful flower background. Taylor Mayes keeps things to herself. He doesn’t have an account on any social media site.

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Her husband, Taylor Myles, is someone she met on the job, and they ended up getting married. Monica is the bigger Gold Rush star, but both she and Taylor have been mining for gold their whole lives.

Know About Monica Beets’ Children

Monica and her husband, Taylor, are the parents of a daughter. During the August 14th episode of season 11, she told her brother, “I’m pregnant,” before getting into an excavator.

Tony says that they are having a girl and that they will have a “granddaughter” on the way.
Later, the name of the girl was revealed to be Jasmine. Jasmine is often pictured on her mother’s Instagram account.

At the latest, on August 21, she shared a photo of her daughter with a painting on which the Discovery TV program Shark Week is written. She posted it on social media with the caption “I’m a bit late for Shark Week but look at this cutie. Also rocking her Miller Welders fit.”

There Is A Deep Love Between Monica And Her Father

It is hard to deal with a father like Tony. But Monica seems to have a really good relationship with her dad. She is always coming up with nice things to say about her father.

She even says that all the skills she has learned come from her father. In one of her posts from December 2015, she shared a beautiful picture of her father, wished him a happy birthday, and thanked him for all the skills he taught her.

Who Is Monica Beets’ Husband? Know About Her Children And Father!

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On Father’s Day, June 21, she posted a few beautiful photos with her father that showed what kind of relationship she had with him.

Monica is not yet 30, but because her father is so passionate about mining, she has been doing the work for more than ten years. Her father put her in a front-end loader when she was only 12 years old and told her to figure out what to do next. She must have figured it out because she has been working with her dad ever since.

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