Who Is Shania Twain Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Info!

A country song could easily be written about Shania Twain’s love life.

Her brand-new Netflix documentary, Not Just a Girl, which debuted on July 26, details her upbringing in Ontario and ascent to fame. It chronicles Shania’s career from her huge break through the release of her breakthrough album Come On Over, which, according to Billboard, sold more than 20 million copies and cemented her status as a global sensation.

The film also explores the less flashy and glamorous aspects of her life, including her tumultuous split from her producer, her struggle to regain her voice, and her terrifying Lyme disease diagnosis.

Shania has been married twice; her current husband is a pretty bizarre match.

Who Is Shania Twain’s Husband?

The couple of Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud are still going strong after being married for over a decade.

According to his Linked In profile, Frédéric is a 51-year-old businessman from Switzerland.

In 2009, they started going out together, and in December 2010, they got engaged. On New Year’s Day 2011, just one month later, Twain and Thiébaud got married in a small ceremony at sunset in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

The Grammy winner and the Swiss businessman famously fell in love after Twain divorced her husband Robert “Mutt” Lange, who was said to have had an affair with Thiébaud’s then-wife Marie-Anne, who was a close friend of Twain’s at the time.

In 2010, Twain said, “He has been my most constant friend and support.” “We leaned on each other and took turns holding each other up through the ups and downs. Through it all, we and our kids, Eja and Johanna, have grown stronger and closer.”

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In fact, it was seeing how Thiébauld dealt with his broken heart that made Twain like him so much.

Twain said, “I got to watch Fred go through the same thing I was going through, and I admired how he handled it.” “I fell in love with him there because he was so good in every way.”

During a difficult period when she was coping with her Lyme disease, which affected her voice, and her divorce, she turned to him for support.

shania twain's husband

They had a strong relationship that began as friendship and turned into love. Shania told AARP that the two of them getting together was “twisted, but in a beautiful way.”

About Shania Twain’s first husband, Mutt Lange

Robert John “Mutt” Lange, Shania’s first husband, is 73 years old. According to IMDb, he is a Zambian music producer and composer who has contributed to a number of well-known soundtracks and top singles.

Many of Shania’s popular songs, including Any Man of Mine and You’re Still the One, Man, were co-written and produced by him. According to CNN, I Feel Like a Woman, That Don’t Impress Me Much, and more.

When Mutt reached Shania in 1993 after hearing songs from her debut album, they first became familiar. According to The Daily Mail UK, Shania’s career soon took off once the two began working together.

Six months after they initially met, their friendship developed into something more, and in December 1993, they got married.

Before Mutt broke the news to Shania, they had been married for 14 years. People claimed that the two separated in 2008.

According to CNN, this was at the same time when Shania had fled the spotlight and was battling lyme disease-related voice cord damage.

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Shania’s now-husband Frédéric told her about the relationship. According to AARP, he imparted the heartbreaking news that Mutt was having an affair with her best friend and personal assistant, who was at the time married to Frédéric.

In an interview with People, Shania discussed her loss and separation from her first spouse. She claimed, “Losing Mutt was just as intense as losing my parents.” It resembled death,

She was concerned that she would never get better or “crawl out of this hole.” Though she did. Along with her heart, her vocal cords also recovered.

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