Who Is Spencer Rattler’s Girlfriend? Meet Yazmina Gonzalez!

Spencer Michael Rattler is a quarterback for the University of South Carolina in American football. Rattler began his college career at the University of Oklahoma. In December 2021, Rattler said he would be transferring to the University of South Carolina to play for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Many people are curious about his private life at the moment because of his sudden rise to fame. His relationship with his partner has become the most talked-about aspect of his private life. Spencer is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Yazmina Gonzalez.

Read on to know everything about Spencer Rattler’s girlfriend and their relationship details.

Know About Spencer Rattler’s Girlfriend, Yazmina Gonzalez

The quarterback began dating Yazmina Gonzalez in the year 2014. As students at Pinnacle High School, the two became close friends, and their relationship has only grown stronger since then. In April of 2018, Spencer initially revealed their relationship to the public by posting photos of Yazmina Gonzalez to his social media accounts.

Yazmina received her high school degree from Pinnacle in Phoenix. She started playing volleyball at an early age as she loved it so much, and she eventually became a member of a sports club in high school.

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Meet Yazmina And Spencer On Instagram

Their relationship has been kept under wraps on social media. But if you look closely at their social media accounts, you’ll see that the two of them support each other and post encouraging comments for each other in their posts.

Yazmina is quite active on social media platforms. You may find her on Instagram under the handle @ yazmina.gonzalez, where she has amassed approximately 23k followers. She only posted steamy and glamorous photos of herself.

Who Is Spencer Rattler's Girlfriend? Meet Yazmina Gonzalez!

On the other hand, Spencer Rattler is active on Instagram and has achieved a respectable amount of 381k followers as of now. He mostly posts photos of his matches and shoots. He rarely made an appearance with his girlfriend on his Instagram. Yesterday, he posted a story on Instagram with his girlfriend with a heart and fingers crossed emoji.

This seems that the couple is still going strong and always support each other in every situation.

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More About Spencer Rattler’s Family

Spencer Rattler was born in Phoenix, Arizona to Mike and Susan Rattler. He is the oldest child of Mike and Susan Rattler. They also have a younger daughter named Olivia Rattler. Mike and Susan Rattler are Spencer’s most important support system as he works to become a football player in the NFL. They encourage both of their kids to pursue a career in sports. Mike Rattler even took care of Spencer’s NIL interviews so that Spencer could focus on football.

Who Is Spencer Rattler's Girlfriend? Meet Yazmina Gonzalez!

Spencer’s parents are from different cultures. His father is of African-American descent and his mother is of Caucasian descent. Spencer Rattler has often been thought to be an albino, but he is just from a mixed background.

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