Who Is Sunny Hostin’s Husband? Complete Relationship Info!

Asunción Cummings “Sunny” Hostin is an American attorney, journalist, and TV host. Hostin is a co-host on ABC’s morning talk show The View and the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News. She was also the host and executive producer of Investigation Discovery’s series Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin.

As a successful TV star and businesswoman, Sunny Hostin has had a very impressive career. The lawyer-turned-journalist, on the other hand, is very secretive when it comes to her personal life.

In this article, we’ll get to know about Sunny Hostin’s husband and other details regarding her private life.

Know About Emmanuel Hostin, Sunny Hostin’s Husband

Sunny Hostin is married to an orthopedic surgeon, Emmanuel Hostin AKA Manny.

Who Is Sunny Hostin's Husband? Complete Relationship Info!

Born in 1953, Emmanuel grew up in New York City. He went to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and graduated in 1996. He is connected to several hospitals in New York, including Lenox Hill Hospital and Roosevelt Hospital.

His parents, A. Emmanuel Hostin and Maria Jesus Hostin were both doctors. In the aftermath of the global pandemic of 2020, Emmanuel’s parents, who were physicians, died.

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During an episode of The View on January 8, 2021, Manny’s wife, Ms. Hostin, talked about the deaths of her husband’s parents. She said that Emmanuel’s parents had died over the holidays that year from complications from the coronavirus. Manny’s father died on Dec. 28, 2021, and his mother died on Jan. 1, 2022, both from COVID. Though, Emmanuel and his wife were able to FaceTime with Manny’s parents while they were dying.

How Did Sunny And Her Husband Manny Meet?

Manny and Sunny met for the first time at a church. Sunny said that when she first met her husband, he was amazing, but she was looking ridiculous. The TV host said, she wasn’t dressed right that day, but as soon as she found a seat near the back of the church, she saw her future husband walk in with a friend.

“I had been there for about five minutes before I went back. And Emmanuel “Manny” Hostin walked in. He was handsome and wore a suit that fit him perfectly. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to meet this man. … I looked ridiculous. I’d have to wait and just sit. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

In her book, the correspondent said that she was wrong. After church, Sunny saw Manny and his friend walk around the corner to a bagel shop. Soon, the former law clerk joined them in the line. When she finally got to talk to Manny, he asked her why she was wearing sweatpants to church. After that, Manny told her he was going to have parties in a few days and invited the journalist by giving him his phone number. Manny was happy to see her, but he didn’t recognize her.

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Sunny told him that they met at church, but when he checked, he found that he had actually met his future spouse at a bagel shop. After two years, they got married.

Who Is Sunny Hostin's Husband? Complete Relationship Info!

The Couple Has Two Children

In 2002, the couple had their first child, a son named Gabe, who is a Harvard student now. Four years later i.e. 2006, the couple welcomed a daughter, Paloma.

The family is currently living in Purchase, New York.

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