Who Is xQc’s New Girlfriend? Meet Nyyxxii AKA Kayla!

“xQc” or “xQcOW” is the online name of professional gamer and “Twitch” streamer Félix Lengyel from Canada. He primarily plays “Overwatch” and is a substitute main tank for the e-sports team “Los Angeles Gladiators.”

He started playing games professionally when he was the main tank for the Dallas Fuel team in the Overwatch League during the first half of the league’s first season. In the following seasons, xQc moved up the “Overwatch” roster to become the best player.

He likes to be the center of attention. This time, something about his personal life is in the news. In this post, we’ll talk about the same thing.

Who Is xQc’s Girlfriend?

The former Overwatch pro seems to have moved on and is already dating someone else. Nyyxxii is xQc’s new girlfriend.

Who Is xQc's New Girlfriend? Meet Nyyxxii AKA Kayla!

They make it official yesterday. He had the English Twitch streamer Nyyxxii over last night for his stream. Before they kissed in front of everyone, the two talked and interacted with each other via chat on the stream. Since then, a video clip of the moment has been made and shared on social media.

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Also, before kissing, xQc was playing some competitive Overwatch 2 games with another retired pro player, Apply. Apply told him repeatedly to stop streaming and leave the room with Nyyxxii “Stop the water. I’ll fight you if you keep streaming.”

Who Is xQc's New Girlfriend? Meet Nyyxxii AKA Kayla!

NYYXXII, often known as “Kayla,” is a popular UK-based Twitch streamer who has accumulated over 300,000 subscribers and who primarily broadcasts in the Just Chatting category. She is also a huge fan of dressing up in costume and has been seen in public as many other characters, including Harry Potter, Pennywise from It, and Marvel’s Gwen Stacy.

xQc And Adept Just Went Through A Messy Breakup

On September 15, xQc said he was no longer in a relationship with content creator Adept, adding, “I had to make a choice, I was cornered into choosing between family and Sammy” (Adept). And because of what has transpired, I cannot simply “choose” family, because to do so would be to, I dunno, acknowledge that it was my responsibility.

Adept was taken aback by her ex’s decision to publicly disclose their breakup, prompting her to criticize him: “I don’t know why he feels the need to announce things. To prevent you from doing what the f**k you’re all doing right now, I asked him to give me a moment of solitude.

After two years of playing the “just roommate” card with followers, the streaming couple finally came clean about their relationship in 2021. Many of their followers were crushed by their decision to split.

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Meet xQc And Nyyxxii On Instagram

xQc can be found on Instagram as @xqcow1 right now. 447K people follow him. He wrote in his bio, “Félix Lengyel Competitive Overwatch player/streamer for Gladiators Legion and sentinels. I stream everyday at | www.twitch.tv/xqcow. “

Nyyxxii, xQc’s girlfriend, is also present as @nyyxxii_. There, 109K people follow her. She put ” NYYXXII 23 // Twitch Partner 🎮 // UK // 🏳️‍🌈 // ♈️ //.” Even though we don’t know how serious xQc and nyyxxii’s relationship is yet because they haven’t been dating for very long.

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