Know About Yeonmi Park’s Husband And Their Divorce In Detail

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and activist. Her family left North Korea in 2007 and went to China.  During the North Korean famine in the 1990s, her family had to trade on the black market. For smuggling, her father was sent to a work camp. They ran away to China, where Park and her mother were taken by people traffickers. Park was sold into slavery, but she and her mother were able to escape to Mongolia. She now helps people in China who have been trafficked and works to promote human rights in North Korea and other places.

Park got more attention around the world after she gave a speech at the 2014 One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland. This summit brings together young people from all over the world every year to find solutions to global problems. Her speech about how she got out of North Korea was watched 50 million times in two days on YouTube and social media, and more than 80 million times so far.

In September 2015, Park’s book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, came out. On February 14, 2023, her second book, While Time Remains: A North Korean Escapee’s Search for Freedom in America, came out.

People are increasingly curious about her private life, especially her marriage since she published a new book. We’ll cover the topic thoroughly and answer all of your questions here.

Who Is Yeonmi Park’s Husband?

Ezekiel was married to Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel got married on January 4, 2017, and were together for four years. But other reports say they got married earlier and that the date was January 1, 2017. Still, the first date seems to be right, since Yeonmi wrote a touching Facebook post on January 4, 2020, to mark the couple’s third wedding anniversary. 

Know About Yeonmi Park's Husband And Their Divorce In Detail

“We’ve been married for three years already! Time goes by way too fast. I hope to bring my American husband to my hometown one day, meet my friends and family, and celebrate the holidays with everyone else.” According to reports, Even though Yeonmi Park and her husband Ezekiel are no longer together, she still has a lot of photos of them on her Instagram.

Yeonmi hasn’t said much about her relationship with Ezekiel or their breakup, even though he still shows up on her Instagram page. But on January 30, 2021, she said in a YouTube video that they were no longer together.

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Know About Yonmi And James’ Son

Yeonmi had a child with her ex-husband, James. She told everyone on October 8, 2018, that her son had been born. But the post is no longer available because it has been deleted, but she still shared it on her official Twitter page: The world is a miracle. I never thought I would make it through being hungry and giving birth to this beautiful angel. No matter what happens, we shouldn’t give up.

Know About Yeonmi Park's Husband And Their Divorce In Detail

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People think that James, her son, was born on March 18, 2018. This means that in 2023, he will be five years old. Yeonmi Park is no longer married to Ezekiel after she told the truth in the video Let’s Talk about the Lies – North Korean Defector on YouTube. Also, she hasn’t taken down any posts about him yet.

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