Zari Hassan Net Worth In 2023: A Look Into Her Personal Life

Zarinah Hassan, popularly known as Zari Hassan or Zari the Boss Lady, is a multi-talented personality from Uganda. She is renowned as a socialite, musician, businesswoman, and actress, currently residing in South Africa, where she manages her various ventures. One of her notable achievements is being the heir and CEO of Brooklyn City College (BCC), an esteemed educational institution based in South Africa. Zari co-founded BCC alongside her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga.

Through the success of her businesses, endorsement contracts, and her reality TV show “Zari the Boss Lady,” Zari Hassan has accumulated a significant fortune. Her financial prosperity has propelled her to become one of the most prominent and affluent women in East Africa. Let us delve into the factors that have played a crucial role in her remarkable journey to wealth as well as how does she worth it.

What Is Zari Hassan’s Net Worth?

Hassan, renowned as “The Boss Lady,” embraces a regal existence and epitomizes a life of luxury. Her opulent lifestyle serves as a testament to her affluence. The primary source of her lavishness and wealth stems from a substantial portion of her late husband Ivan Semwanga‘s inheritance. Ivan bequeathed her a considerable share of a prominent real estate company, widely regarded as one of South Africa’s largest and most prosperous firms.

Zari Hassan Net Worth In 2023: A Look Into Her Personal Life

Alongside this impressive business venture, Hassan also possesses ownership of a prestigious 5-star hotel in Kampala and a collection of esteemed schools spread across Brooklyn. Presently, Zari’s net worth amounts to a remarkable $9 million.

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A Look Into Zari Hassan’s Relationships

In 2000, Hassan made the decision to return to her home country of Uganda after spending two years in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, she relocated to South Africa, where she encountered Ivan Semwanga, whom she eventually married. During their marriage, they were blessed with three children. However, their relationship came to an end in 2013 when Hassan accused Semwanga of physical abuse, leading to their divorce.

Tragically, in May 2017, Semwanga suffered a severe stroke and was admitted to Steve Biko Academic Hospital. Sadly, he passed away on May 25, 2017, and was laid to rest in Uganda. After the funeral, Hassan returned to South Africa to assume the management of her own businesses as well as certain enterprises previously owned by her late husband.

Zari Hassan Net Worth In 2023: A Look Into Her Personal Life

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After Zari’s separation from Ivan, a photo of her and Diamond surfaced online, capturing them enjoying each other’s company. Despite the speculations about their relationship, they refuted any romantic involvement and clarified that they were collaborating on an audio project. However, a few weeks later, during the Channel O Video Music Awards held in South Africa, the couple made their relationship public by making a joint appearance on the red carpet. Additionally, she has two children with Tanzanian artist Diamond.

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