Know About Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake’s Girlfriend!

“Izzy Drake” recently got a lot of attention for looking like the Canadian rapper/singer Drake, and he used that to his advantage by going out in public. He’s even cut Drake’s signature heart-shaped design into his hairline while Drake wore the look to promote his 2021 album Certified Lover Boy. Izzy Drake recently got more attention when he challenged the real Izzy Drake to a boxing match with a $1 million prize.

In an interview, he even said that people message him and ask him to come to their events instead of Drake because he is too expensive. He says, “I’ll pay you $5,000 just for showing up. They take care of everything, including paying for my Airbnb and my plane ticket.

Izzy said that he Facetimed Drake to congratulate him on his videos. Izzy says he has the real Drake’s approval, but his source isn’t very reliable.

Recently, Fake Drake’s Girlfriend Stephanie said tells him she would leave him for real drake.

Who Is Fake Drake’s Girlfriend?

Stephanie is Fake Drake’s Girlfriend. However, there is not much about her. In a recent video uploaded by No Jumper Clips, She said she’d give up Izzy for Real Drake. You can watch the video here.

The reactions of Netizens are very interesting. YouTube User, Free said, “because he’s real”. The irony of that statement coming from her.” Another user Jameel Henry commented, “Did she fail the loyalty test orrrr… 🤣🤣” Third user S.L.U.R, “He gonna cry in the car.”

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Know More Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake

The 22-year-old guy from Toronto is pretty well-known on Instagram and Twitter for his videos of “Fake Drake.”

Know About Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake's Girlfriend!

Drake’s impersonator has recently been to a few events, like nightclub shows, where he tried to make people think he was the multi-platinum-selling Canadian star.

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A while ago, two videos of him playing Drake songs at a Miami club were posted. In the first video, he was seen playing “Trophies,” and in the second, he was seen playing “Way 2 S**y.” He was overheard saying, “Is Drizzy here really? “No, you’re dizzy,” he told the clubgoers in Miami. “I’m a Toronto native. I blew up when I got here six days ago. I was in Tory Lanez’s story. We’re just getting rid of this junk because it’s all part of God’s plan.” Because he became famous after putting those videos on Instagram, he says he is touring as the “Fake Drake.”

Know About Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake's Girlfriend!

He also said that he knows a professional gambler in Las Vegas who knows Drake and is very knowledgeable about the game. The gambler once asked Drake what he thought about “Fake Drake” performing in the streets. He says Drake’s answer was:

“It doesn’t bother me, and it doesn’t affect me,” he told him when they met. Let him retrieve his bag. It doesn’t bother me. Just don’t post him and everything else if you think that will make things worse. I’m just being humble and doing what I always do. Because I have kids, I’m doing this for my family.”

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