Who Is Ben Sasse’s Wife? Meet Melissa McLeod!

Who Is Ben Sasse's Wife? Meet Melissa McLeod!

With the news that Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse plans to resign by the end of the year to become president of the University of Florida, another prominent Republican critic of former President Donald Trump will be leaving the political scene. Ben Sasse, whose full name is Benjamin Eric Sasse, was born on February 22, 1972, … Read more

Know About Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake’s Girlfriend!

Know About Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake's Girlfriend!

“Izzy Drake” recently got a lot of attention for looking like the Canadian rapper/singer Drake, and he used that to his advantage by going out in public. He’s even cut Drake’s signature heart-shaped design into his hairline while Drake wore the look to promote his 2021 album Certified Lover Boy. Izzy Drake recently got more … Read more

Rivington Starchild: Meet Taylour Paige’s Husband!

Rivington Starchild: Meet Taylour Paige's Husband!

Taylour Paige got married on her 32nd birthday. It was the cutest way to celebrate. The Zola star and designer Rivington Starchild got married on Wednesday. Rivington shared a story slideshow of photos from the wedding with his Instagram followers. A representative for Taylour Paige told ET, “Taylour Paige got married to Rivington Starchild.” The actress … Read more

Who Is Judy Tenuta’s Husband? Famous Comedian Passes Away At Age 72!

Who Is Judy Tenuta's Husband? Famous Comedian Passes Away At Age 72!

Judy Tenuta died on Thursday. She was a brash stand-up comedian who called herself the “Love Goddess” and toured with George Carlin during the golden age of comedy in the 1980s. She turned 72. The Associated Press’s publicist Roger Neal said that Tenuta died Thursday afternoon at home in Los Angeles, surrounded by her family. … Read more

Who Is Bernard McGuirk’s Wife? Know About McGuirk’s Cause Of Death!

Who Is Bernard McGuirk's Wife? Know About McGuirk's Cause Of Death!

Bernard McGuirk was the executive producer of the radio show Imus in the Morning. He worked in radio and TV since 1986. He was currently working at WABC and The Fox Business Network. One of his most controversial ideas was attacking Barack Obama by calling him a “jug-eared neophyte.” In 2007, Mcguirk and Imus were fired … Read more