About Jasmine Roth’s Husband: Hidden Potential To Help! I Wrecked My House

Jasmine Roth, renowned for her work on HGTV’s Hidden Potential across two seasons, has transitioned to her latest series, Help! I Wrecked My House. Here, she rescues ambitious DIYers whose projects have gone awry, revamping and personalizing spaces with stunning, practical designs.

Jasmine’s upbringing in Virginia saw her crafting playhouses and furniture in her father’s garage, igniting her passion for design and construction. Currently residing in California with her husband Brett and daughter Hazel, Jasmine claimed victory as the season 2 champion on HGTV’s competitive show, Rock the Block, back in 2019.

Transitioning to another aspect of interest, many individuals are eager to learn more about Jasmine Roth’s husband. In this article, we will delve into details about Jasmine Roth’s husband, exploring their journey as they welcomed their first child, Hazel. Staying true to Roth’s distinctive style, she intricately designed a captivating nursery for her newborn daughter, among other noteworthy aspects.

Meet Jasmine Roth’s Husband: Brett Roth

Jasmine and Brett Roth’s journey began with an unexpected twist—they were initially platonic roommates despite being involved with other partners. It wasn’t until Jasmine’s grandmother noticed a deeper connection between them that they realized the potential for something more.

About Jasmine Roth's Husband: Hidden Potential To Help! I Wrecked My House

Fast forward to their marriage in 2013, and they embarked on building their first home in Utah. While Jasmine pursued her passion for home construction, Brett continued his role as Vice President at Roth Staffing and Ledgent Technology.

Both Northeastern University alumni, they crossed paths while studying entrepreneurship and later tied the knot, ultimately leading Jasmine to transition to home building and her subsequent discovery by HGTV. Their family expanded with the arrival of their daughter, Hazel Lynn, on April 21, 2020.

Reflecting on their journey, Jasmine celebrated their milestones, emphasizing the significance of countless everyday moments—shared meals, random conversations during car rides, morning routines, texts, and yes, even Brett’s notably loud sneezes.

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These small, cherished moments make up the fabric of their lives together, marking the essence of their relationship.

Roth Welcomes Baby Hazel And Showcases Thrifty Home Design

In April, Roth and her spouse welcomed their first child, Hazel, and, staying true to Roth’s style, she crafted an exquisite nursery for her newborn daughter. Roth’s design embraces vibrant hues within a soft pastel palette, ensuring they stand out without overwhelming the space.

About Jasmine Roth's Husband: Hidden Potential To Help! I Wrecked My House

She revamped an old dresser with charming drawer pulls and fashioned a personalized accent wall using petite vintage crates, not only enhancing the room’s aesthetics but also providing practical storage. On HGTV, Roth specializes in renovating and improving existing properties. However, beyond the screen, she’s actively engaged in designing and constructing homes from scratch.

Her company, Built Custom Homes, assists prospective homeowners in creating their dream residences in downtown Huntington Beach, CA. Roth has expertise in crafting homes across various architectural styles, ranging from Craftsman to industrial Cape Cod to contemporary.

The prices for these homes typically span from $750,000 to $2 million. While collaborating with homeowners on television, Roth demonstrates a keen sense of thriftiness. Recognizing that most homeowners operate within limited budgets, she showcases her ability to maximize resources.

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She heavily relies on home renovation tactics to optimize her budget, including the strategic use of paint for enhanced curb appeal, integrating reclaimed wood, and utilizing art and home decor items for dual purposes as functional storage solutions.

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