Know About AJ McLean’s Wife As The Couple Announced Their Separation

AJ McLean is a well-known singer and a member of the popular boy band Backstreet Boys. During the pandemic, McLean put out “Love Song Love” in April 2021, which showed his support for the LGBT community. On July 15, 2022, he released a new single called “Smoke,” which he recorded with his group ATCK. He is also about to put out his second solo album, Sex and Bodies, 12 years after his first, Have It All (A. J. McLean album).

Looking into his personal life, he is married to Rochelle McLean (née Karadis), a model, and they have been together for over a decade. But recently the couple announced they are going through a rough patch and going to separate temporarily.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the love story of AJ and Rochelle, including how they met, their marriage, family life, and their separation.

Why Did AJ And Rochelle Decide To Separate?

In March 2023, the couple said they were having trouble and chose to “temporarily” split up after being married for more than a decade.

Know About AJ McLean's Wife As The Couple Announced Their Separation

“Getting married is hard but worth it. In a joint statement to Us at the time, AJ and Rochelle said, “We have decided to temporarily separate to work on ourselves and on our marriage in order to build a stronger future.” “The objective is to get back together and keep growing our love for one other and for our family as a whole. At this point, we’d like to be left alone. It’s hard enough to be apart, so please be nice and realize that there are children involved.”

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All About AJ McLean And Rochelle’s Meeting And Dating

AJ McLean and Rochelle Karadis first met in 2008 but did not start dating until five years later. During an interview with the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, AJ recalled asking Rochelle out for the first time while she was working as a waitress at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood. Despite some initial confusion and a ghosting incident, they finally went on their first date.

Know About AJ McLean's Wife As The Couple Announced Their Separation

In January 2010, AJ proposed to Rochelle on his birthday. Nearly two years later, they tied the knot at the Beverly Hills Hotel in a gothic-themed ceremony with AJ’s fellow Backstreet Boys members in attendance. The couple has always put their marriage first, even in the wake of their temporary separation.

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AJ And Rochelle Have Two Kids

After one year of marriage, AJ and Rochelle welcomed their first child, a daughter named Elliott, in 2012. Five years later, their family expanded with the arrival of Elliott’s little sister, Lyric, in 2017. AJ has always been very vocal about his love for his wife and their children. He even gushed about Rochelle’s parenting skills during his appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where he opened up about his relationship with her and how she had been there for him in his darkest moments.

Know About AJ McLean's Wife As The Couple Announced Their Separation

The couple’s journey has not been without its challenges, as AJ has struggled with substance abuse issues in the past. However, he credits Rochelle for her unwavering support and love, which helped him overcome those challenges. He has described her as his “superhero,” who has been through hell and back with him. Rochelle’s constant affirmation of love, support, and being a great listener has been instrumental in keeping their marriage strong.

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