Who Is Meghan King’s Boyfriend? Is She Still Dating Kenny?

Meghan King is a television personality known for appearing in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” She has had her fair share of ups and downs in her romantic life. After her marriage to Jim Edmonds ended in divorce, she married Cuffe Owens, which lasted just two months before their marriage was annulled in July 2022.

King is currently single and not dating anyone. However, she has been open about her dating life since ending her marriage to Cuffe, and in November, she confirmed that she had been dating her long-time friend-turned-boyfriend, whom she referred to as “Kenny,” for a month. However, she recently revealed on her podcast that Kenny had a girlfriend the whole time they were together.

Know About Meghan King’s Ex-Boyfriend

In November 2022, King confirmed on her podcast, Intimate Knowledge, that she had been dating Kenny for a month. She referred to this as a long time for her, stating that she’s quick to get into relationships and quick to get out of them. She also expressed interest in exploring her sexuality and honoring platonic and non-traditional relationships. However, she clarified that she identifies as straight and is ultimately looking for a male partner for a traditional, monogamous relationship.

Who Is Meghan King's Boyfriend? Is She Still Dating Kenny?

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Why Did Meghan And Kenny’s Relationship End?

Unfortunately, the relationship with Kenny did not work out. In a recent episode of her podcast, King gave a full update on the situation, revealing that Kenny had been playing her all along. She shared that she had received messages on Instagram from people claiming that Kenny had a girlfriend while they were dating, but she didn’t believe them until the girlfriend herself reached out to her.

King explained that she had a realization during a trip to Los Angeles after Jingle Ball that the relationship wasn’t going to work out. She broke up with Kenny, but it wasn’t until two weeks later that she received messages from the unnamed girlfriend. The girlfriend shared details about their relationship and the dates they had sex, including one that was after Kenny had left King’s family’s Thanksgiving celebration. King spoke to the girlfriend on the phone for an hour and found out that she was devastated by the situation.

Who Is Meghan King's Boyfriend? Is She Still Dating Kenny?

King believes that Kenny was dating the girlfriend and thought he could keep her around while pursuing a relationship with her. She stated that he dropped the girlfriend like a hot potato when he thought he had found someone better. However, King pointed out that if things didn’t work out with her, Kenny may have gone back to the girlfriend, indicating that he was playing both of them.

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King’s Moving On And Having Fun

Despite the disappointment with Kenny, King decided to have fun and move on. She ended up meeting a woman on a dating app and spent multiple days with her at The Yale Club in New York City. King shared that they hit it off and had a great time together. She expressed that she’s excited about the future and looking forward to continuing to explore all that dating has to offer.

Throughout her dating life, King has emphasized the importance of living authentically and not being defined by labels. She’s expressed a desire to honor all types of relationships, whether they’re platonic, non-traditional, or monogamous. King’s openness and honesty about her dating life have been refreshing and relatable to many people. Her journey reminds us that it’s okay to take risks and put ourselves out there, even if we may face heartbreak along the way.

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