Meet Ali Wentworth’s Husband, George Stephanopoulos!

Ali Wentworth is an American comedian, actress, writer, and director who is known for her work on TV, in movies, and in comedy. But her personal life is just as interesting as what she does for a living. George Stephanopoulos is a well-known TV host, political commentator, and former Democratic aide. Wentworth is married to him. Their story of falling in love is like a whirlwind. It started with a blind date and ended with a beautiful marriage and two children.

Her husband Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos are a celebrity couple who have been making a documentary on the life of Brooke Shields, a legendary actress, and model. In this article, we will take a closer look at their relationship, how they met, and their family.

Who Is George Stephanopoulos?

George Stephanopoulos, born on February 10, 1961, is an American television host, political commentator, and former Democratic advisor. He is currently a co-anchor with Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan on Good Morning America and the host of This Week, ABC’s Sunday morning current events news program.

Meet Ali Wentworth's Husband, George Stephanopoulos!

Stephanopoulos used to work for the Democratic Party before he became a writer. He became well-known quickly as the director of communications for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. After that, he became the director of communications for the White House. After that, he was a senior assistant for policy and strategy until December 1996, when he left.

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Ali And George’s Love Story

Before they got married, Wentworth didn’t want to date anyone who had a background in politics. “Not for me. I grew up in Washington, D.C., where I was involved in politics. On The Tonight Show, Wentworth said, “Like, no.” In the same interview, Wentworth said that one of her friends wanted to set her up on a secret date with Stephanopoulos because she was recently single again.

“I didn’t care about politics, so I didn’t think I’d be interested in him. Wentworth laughed at a book signing, “I was waiting for Hugh Grant or Matthew Perry.” She also said on The Tonight Show that her best friend had dated Stephanopoulos before and thought they would be a great match.

Meet Ali Wentworth's Husband, George Stephanopoulos!

Wentworth didn’t agree, but she went on the date anyway to help out her friend. In April 2001, she moved to New York City and chose to call Stephanopoulos. Wentworth suggested that they have lunch at Barneys in New York, “because I thought I’d get my Kiehl’s scrub there.” In the end, the two men agreed to do this. In other words, it won’t be a complete waste of time.”

The two got the same thing to eat, a crab salad, and then talked for hours. “You know how when you go on a date, the first 15 minutes just happen?” Stephanopoulos told the New York Times this. “After about 15 minutes, she just leaned in and said something. Suddenly, we were in a different place, in a different world. In just a few days, we went from being strangers to friends to being in love.”

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Ali And George’s Proposal And Marriage

The relationship between the two people moved quickly. After only two months together, they got engaged. Stephanopoulos told their guests at their wedding, according to the New York Times, “I knew within 24 hours that I would never risk losing her.”

A few months later, on November 20, 2001, they got married in New York City at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Rev. Dr. Robert G. Stephanopoulos, Stephanopoulos’s father, led the service.

Meet Ali Wentworth's Husband, George Stephanopoulos!

Wentworth and Stephanopoulos were often seen on TV together after they got married. Wentworth has been on Good Morning America more than once, and in 2013 he and his wife played the Not So Newlywed Game. Stephanopoulos was on Wentworth’s TV show Nightcap in 2016, where he played himself. Wentworth plays Staci Cole on the show, and she also created it, writes for it, and makes it.

The Couple Has Two Kids

Elliott and Harper are the names of their two children. Even though they work different hours, Wentworth goes to bed with her husband at the same time every night so she can feel closer to him.

“When he got this job, I decided that I would go to bed with my husband. He gets up at 2:30 in the morning, so I’m not getting up at 2:30. I mean, don’t be silly. “I get up with the kids at 6, but I go to bed with him,” Wentworth told Oprah Winfrey during an interview.

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