Has Alissa Violet Broken Up With Her Boyfriend Ricky Banks?

Alissa Violet is a big name on social media in the U.S. She knows how to rule on social media. The 21-year-old star has no limits when it comes to making interesting vines that get a lot of followers. Her YouTube channel has more than 185 million views and over 3.6 million subscribers.

Alissa has shown off her acting skills in movies like “The Deleted,” “Party in the Back,” and “It’s Everynight, Sis”. Even though the Ohio beauty has had a lot of success in her career, her dating life has been full of ups and downs. Alissa has been on dates that haven’t gone well. She was in a relationship with Ricky Banks for two years at a point of time before breaking up with him, we will talk about that and more in this article.

Who is Ricky Banks?

Richard “Ricky” Bengston, who was born on October 18, 1991, is better known online as FaZe Banks. He is also known as Ricky Banks or Simpy Banks. He is one of the people who started and owns the e-sports group FaZe Clan. At the moment, he lives in the FaZe house with other members of the group in Los Angeles, California. He built FaZe Clan, Call of Duty gaming group, and he is currently working on growing it by finding new talent and employees for the group.

Is Alissa Violet Broke Up With her boyfriend Ricky Banks?

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Was Alissa Violet Engaged With Ricky Banks?

Alissa was in a relationship with Ricky Banks.  Alissa’s first Instagram photo with Ricky in early June 2017 was the first thing that made people think they were dating. Later, on June 21, 2017, the couple was seen kissing in another striking Instagram post, which was enough to confirm that they were dating.  Alissa and her YouTuber boyfriend didn’t wait long to take their relationship to the next level. After only two months together, in September 2017, they got engaged. She got engaged in a very quiet way, and on September 8, 2017, she told the world on Twitter.

Is Alissa Violet Broke Up With her boyfriend Ricky Banks?

But people were still not sure if Alissa was really engaged because her engagement picture wasn’t in the news. But Alissa’s boyfriend later wrote “fiancé” next to her name on the medical form as an emergency contact.

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After getting engaged, the soon-to-be-married couple started posting about each other on their social media pages, and they never miss a chance to show how much they love each other. Things changed quickly, though, and in 2019 there were rumors that they broke up. Fans wish they were still together, though. But after what Bank said in a podcast, everything is clear.

Violet And Banks’ Breakup conformation

In an episode of ‘Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast’ from December 6, Banks talked about his past relationship with Violet and said that he doesn’t want to get back together with his ex. Banks said of their relationship, “The end was terrible, it was rough.” “It seemed like we wanted to make it work by any means necessary, even if it meant giving up our own happiness and sanity. When asked if he missed being with Violet, Banks knew right away what to say.

“I don’t miss us being together,” he said. “No. No. I wouldn’t do it again even if you paid me all the money in the world. I wouldn’t change it, though. I wouldn’t take it back. Banks made sure to say that, despite how he feels about their past, he and Violet are still very close friends and don’t hold anything against each other. Banks said, “She’s my family.” “She will always be. I hope only the best for her.”

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