Meet Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend: Is He Dating Andy Cohen

Anderson Hays Cooper is from the Vanderbilt family and is an American journalist and political commentator who works for TV and radio. He is the main person in charge of the Anderson Cooper 360° news show on CNN. Cooper was hired as a correspondent by ABC News in 1995, but he soon took on other jobs across the network. For a short time, he was a co-anchor, the host of a reality game show, and a fill-in for a morning talk show host.

Anderson Cooper was famously private about his love life for a long time during his time in the public eye. Even though his friends and family knew he was gay for many years, he didn’t tell the public until 2012. Things have changed a lot since then. The star and his ex, Benjamin Maisani, share custody of their children. Here’s what we know about the relationship between the famous journalist and his partner if he has one.

Who Is Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend? Is He Dating Andy Cohen

Cooper has also been linked to TV host Andy Cohen, who he is good friends with. Cohen, a star on BRAVO, and Anderson Cooper, a journalist at CNN, have been close for over 20 years. The media has often asked about their friendship, but they have always been transparent and claimed that they are just best friends.

Meet Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend: Is He Dating Andy Cohen

In the 1990s, a friend of both Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen set them up on a blind date. They talked about their friendship on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Bradley Cooper said, “I knew in 45 seconds that I would never go on a date with Andy Cohen.”  He went on to say, “I imagined him gesticulating like he was wearing a Bluetooth headset.” He was very happy, and he broke my most important rule by asking me about my mom as soon as we started speaking.

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Anderson Was Previously Dating Benjamin Maisani: They Are Co-Parenting Their Two Sons Together

Cooper dated  Benjamin Maisani on and off for a few years. The couple started dating in 2009 and were together for nine years before announcing in 2018 that they were no longer together. Even though they had been dating since 2009, they didn’t tell anyone about it until 2015. They broke up when it was found out that Cooper had gone to Dallas at least five times to spend time with Dr. Victor Lopez.

Even though the news came out in March 2018, it’s possible that they broke up back in 2017. Before the official announcement of their breakup, Benjamin had last been on Anderson’s Instagram in May 2017.

Meet Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend: Is He Dating Andy Cohen

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In a statement to USA Today, a rep for Anderson explained why the two were no longer working together. “Benjamin and I broke up a long time ago as boyfriends. We still love each other very much and think of each other as family. We’re still best friends and will spend a lot of time together in the future.

Cooper and Maisani are no longer dating, but in February 2022, Maisani officially adopted Cooper’s oldest son, Wyatt Morgan, whose name is now Wyatt Morgan Maisani-Cooper. He has also been co-parenting Cooper’s second son, Sebastian Luke.

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