Who Is Andrew Yang’s Wife? Meet Evelyn Yang

Andrew Yang is a businessman, lawyer, lobbyist, and politician from the United States. Yang ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 and for the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York City in 2021. He is the co-chair of the Forward Party, along with Christine Todd Whitman, who used to be the governor of New Jersey.

Evelyn Yang, who is married to Andrew Yang, wrote a children’s book about sexual abuse in which she talked about it. The book was meant to get families to talk about the issue with younger children. Yang said she decided to write her book after she said that her gynecologist had sexually assaulted her.

Now Federal prosecutors say that a former gynecologist at Columbia University who was accused of sexual abuse by the wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and others has been found guilty of sexual abuse. People began to focus on Andrew’s wife because of this. So, we’ll talk about his wife in this article.

Know About Andrew Yang’s Wife Evelyn Yang

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur who wants to run for president in 2020, is married to Evelyn Yang. Evelyn used to work in business, but now she stays home with her kids. The couple lives in New York City with their young children. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, but she has spoken out in support of her husband’s political work.

Who Is Andrew Yang's Wife? Meet Evelyn Yang

She told the Washington Post, “When he’s on a mission, he gets very animated and passionate about it, and there’s not much you can do to stop him.” “I didn’t know how far he would go, to be honest. But I thought he could do what he was trying to do.” She added, “There’s nothing to do but be supportive.”

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All About Andrew Yang And Evelyn Yang’s Wedding

Andrew and Evelyn met on the campus of Columbia University. Andrew Yang says on his website that he met Evelyn when he was in his thirties. At the time, he was working at a company called Manhattan Prep. In 2011, Evelyn and Andrew Yang got married at a beautiful location.

Who Is Andrew Yang's Wife? Meet Evelyn Yang

Evelyn worked for L’Oréal at the time. She once told the Washington Post, “He seemed so earnest and real.” “I liked how he seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve. Even now, I joke with him, and it’s like he has no sense of humor. He didn’t try to cheat in any way, which is something I really like about him.” The couple is said to go to the Reformed Church of New Paltz, even though they say they are more spiritual than religious.

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The Couple Has Two Kids

Andrew and Evelyn have two sons. The Yangs seem to want to teach their kids about politics and history in a way that they can understand at their age. Andrew posted pictures of his family at the Lincoln Memorial on Instagram. “We told the boys, ‘He was the best President because he made everyone stop fighting,'” he wrote in a caption.

Who Is Andrew Yang's Wife? Meet Evelyn Yang

The four members of the family live in New York City. Christopher, their older son, has autism spectrum disorder. “I have a son who needs help. And I think that people with special needs are the new norm in this country “Yang said at the last Democratic debate of the year.

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