All You Need To Know About Anthony Fantano’s Divorce

American music critic and YouTuber Anthony Fantano was born on October 28, 1985. He is the mastermind of the wildly popular YouTube channel and accompanying website, The Needle Drop, which boasts over 2.68 million subscribers. Both his website and his YouTube channel provide discussions and critiques of a wide range of musical genres.

In response to the ratings given to Ken Carson & Destroy Lonely’s albums, Playboi Carti fans leaked Anthony Fantano and his wife Dominique’s divorce papers, sparking reports that Fantano is separating from his wife.

All You Need To Know About Anthony Fantano's Divorce

In this post, we will uncover all you need to know about who is Anthony Fantano’s wife and why did the couple decide to separate.

Who Is Anthony Fantano’s Wife?

Anthony Fantano’s wife’s name is Dominique Boxley and she has appeared in several of his videos. Boxley is an American actress and screenwriter, In a video posted on August 25, 2010, Fantano introduced his fans to his then-girlfriend. Both of them weighed in on the year’s first visual album release, Animal Collective’s Oddsac.

All You Need To Know About Anthony Fantano's Divorce

One user said, “It’s fantastic to finally see your renowned girlfriend, and it’s even better to realize that she is actually rather rad,” implying the two had been dating before the video came out.

This pair tied the knot sometime in the middle of this decade, possibly on Valentine’s Day 2011. Typical of the music critic, he doesn’t talk much about his marriage.

Several further episodes, including a review titled “10 Love Music We Love” and a podcast episode reviewing love songs, were narrated by Anthony and featured his wife, all of which were gratefully recorded by YouTube user Neograzer.

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How Did Anthony Fantano’s Divorce News Surface?

Fantano’s decision to stop referencing and using Boxley in his videos sparked first rumors of a breakup between them. The pair eventually addressed the claims in a 2018 YouTube video.

He said at the time, “We’ve just been relationship wise just kind of under the radar because our privacy is important but you know my online show is about my opinions on music it’s not how my marriage.”

And then this year, in August, the internet was rife with rumors that Anthony Fantano was divorcing his wife after a bitter fan supposedly leaked their divorce papers. Since the leak occurred at the same time that some fans began to express displeasure with Fantano, they made the connection.

The document was briefly shared on the Anthony Fantano subreddit, where fans reacted negatively to the invasion of privacy before it was withdrawn.

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“Fantano definitely does not deserve this,” read one comment. As a longtime follower of his, I can say with certainty that any problems he was having privately should never have been broadcast to the world. No matter how much you despise someone, they still have a right to privacy when using the internet.

Although the allegedly leaked documents are no longer accessible, the claim quickly went viral on Twitter, where supporters of the music critic flocked to his defense.

The divorce rumors have not been confirmed or dismissed by either Fantano or Dominique.

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