Meet Dave Matthews’ Wife, Jennifer Harper: A Look Inside Their Relationship

David John Matthews is a well-known musician in the rock ‘n’ roll world. The singer and songwriter became well-known through his band, which was called the Dave Matthews Band. Since then, he has done well as a solo musician. Matthews has won a number of awards for his work as a solo musician. In addition to being very focused on his career, he is also a very caring family man. He is also involved in charity work and politics.

Despite his fame in front of the camera, he is blessed with a close and supportive family life. Although Dave Matthews’ wife is famous, she is rarely in the public eye. Read on for an inside peek at his private life, including his wife.

Who Is Dave’s Wife, Jennifer Harper?

Jennifer Ashton Harper Is a doctor, businesswoman, and supportive wife. She was born on November 30, 1967. The businesswoman went to St. Stithians College, where they met. Later, she went to Bastyr University, where she studied holistic and natural medicine before getting a naturopathy degree.

Meet Dave Matthews' Wife, Jennifer Harper: A look Inside Their relationship

Jennifer Harper is a naturopathic doctor. Her education and plans to become a doctor of natural medicine are why she and her husband moved to Seattle. Due to her husband’s fame, she has also helped make naturopathy more well-known. In addition to this, Ashley and her husband are also business owners. The couple owns Blenheim Vineyards in Virginia, which is a sustainable winery that makes a variety of single-grape and blended wines. The vineyard also offers tours, wine tastings, and other activities. Ashley Harper is an important part of the winery business. She even came up with the idea for one of their best wines, the Dreaming Tree Rose. The Matthews are also farmers. The couple owns more than 1,000 acres of land in Scottsville, Virginia. The farm makes a variety of things, such as grass-fed beef and crops grown in an organic way.

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Inside Dave And Jennifer’s Relationship

Jennifer fell in love with Dave Matthews, and after dating for a while, the two of them got married On August 10, 2000.   The day before, they went to the Albemarle County Circuit Court to get their marriage license. They have a happy family life. Most of the time, the Matthews family goes on vacation together and has a good time.

Meet Dave Matthews' Wife, Jennifer Harper: A look Inside Their relationship

Dave and Jennifer have three children. According to PEOPLE, Jennifer had twin girls, Stella Busina and Grace Anne. They were born on August 15, 2001. Also on June 19, 2007, they had a son named August Oliver. The five people in the family live in Seattle, Washington. Dave has done live streams from his home during the pandemic with the help of his family. Jennifer and Dave have been married for more than 20 years. But they don’t talk much about their lives.

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Dave And his Family look after Dave’s younger sister Jame and his sister Anne’s two kids. Anne’s husband killed her in 1994, and since then, the kids have been cared for by the Matthews family.

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