Who Is Anthony Kiedis’ Wife? Know About Kiedis’s Ex-Girlfriends!

Anthony Kiedis is the vocalist and lyricist for the alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, which has had hits like “Blood Sugar S*x Magik” and “One Hot Minute.” The singer, who is a major figure in alternative rock, had a hard time growing up. When he was young, he went to live with his father because his parents had split up.

His father, a struggling actor who worked as a drug dealer to make extra money, introduced his teenage son to drug use. He met Hillel Slovak and Flea when he was in high school, and the three of them got along very well. They started playing together and hired drummer Jack Irons to form the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Who Is Anthony Kiedis’ Wife?

Anthony Kiedis is not married right now. After 2019, he has not been spotted or seen with any women. It looks like he is having a secret relationship.

Know About Anthony Kiedis’ Ex-Girlfriends

According to his book, he has been in a number of relationships. Some of them are:

Haya Handel 1979-1982

Haya and Anthony were best friends in high school. Anthony’s not being Jewish was always a problem, so when he was around Haya’s family, he had to act like he was just her friend. The relationship between the two of them grew.

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They dated for a few years, and Haya even went to UCLA with Anthony because she wanted to stay with him. But the relationship started to fall apart because Anthony’s religion was wrong for it to go any further.

Who Is Anthony Kiedis' Wife? Know About Kiedis's Ex-Girlfriends!

Nina Hagen 1983

He met her for the first time after a show when Anthony got off stage and went to talk to his father and saw her on the way.

Even though the relationship didn’t last very long, it left a lasting impression on all Red Hot Chili Peppers fans. Nina’s attitude inspired Anthony, and when she gave him a jacket he loved, it gave him the idea for the song “Give It Away.”

Jennifer Bruce 1985-87

Jennifer was going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA when Kiedis met her at a party.

Who Is Anthony Kiedis' Wife? Know About Kiedis's Ex-Girlfriends!

Jennifer couldn’t handle Kiedis’s touring and his frequent disappearances to get drugs, which made their relationship rocky. Even though Kiedis was dating Jennifer and loved her, he cheated on her while they were on tour. But after some mistrust, they went their separate ways.

Sinead O’Connor 1990

Kiedis says he dated singer Sinéad O’Connor for a short time in 1990. He says she inspired him to write “I Could Have Lied,” which appeared on her album Blood Sugar S*x Magik in 1991, but she denies the relationship.

Jaime Rishar 1993 – 1996

Anthony saw her in a club while he was with Guy Oseary, and he was attracted to her right away. The couple didn’t live together, but they saw each other when they went back and forth from their homes in LA and NYC.

Who Is Anthony Kiedis' Wife? Know About Kiedis's Ex-Girlfriends!

Cammie (Cameron Richardson) 2001

The relationship with Cammie didn’t last long. About a month later, he saw Yohanna. He was supposed to meet Cammie for lunch later that day, but he started kissing her instead. He drove to Cammie’s house and broke up with her there, as per Anthony Kiedis.

Heather Christie 2004-5 and 2006-8

Who Is Anthony Kiedis' Wife? Know About Kiedis's Ex-Girlfriends!

Kiedis and Heather Christie became a couple after meeting at a party. In September 2004, they were photographed together for the first time in public. Their relationship didn’t always go smoothly. In late 2005, they broke up for a while because Kiedis was reportedly dating model Jessica Stam.

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Early in 2006, Kiedis and Christie got back together, and Heather got pregnant the next year. Their son, Everly Bear, was born at the beginning of October 2007.

October 2019: Rock In Rio- Mystery Woman

Several fan videos show Anthony with an unknown woman while he was in Brazil for the Rock in Rio concert.

Who Is Anthony Kiedis' Wife? Know About Kiedis's Ex-Girlfriends!

Even though her face wasn’t always clear enough to tell for sure, her hair looked the same the whole weekend. Clearly, people are saying that she looks like Helena Vestergaard…

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