Ashley Benson Engaged To Brandon Davis: Look Into Her Dating History

Ashley Benson is an American actress, model, and singer known for her role in Pretty Little Liars. She has appeared in films like Bring It On: In It to Win It, Spring Breakers, and Her Smell. Benson has received multiple awards, including four Teen Choice Awards and a Young Hollywood Award.

In a heartfelt and romantic gesture, Davis got down on one knee and asked for the hand of the esteemed ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress, presenting her with a breathtaking diamond sparkler of magnificent proportions. Overflowing with joy and affection, she took to her Instagram stories, unable to contain her excitement, to share the news with her followers. Alongside a picture of the dazzling ring, she captioned it with a simple yet profound declaration of love: “I love you.”

Let’s explore the identity of the person she got engaged to and delve into her past relationships in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Ashley Benson Engagement: Beginning Of A New Journey

Ashley Benson, the 33-year-old former star of Pretty Little Liars, is now preparing to take the walk down the aisle. She recently shared the joyous news of her engagement to Brandon Davis, a 43-year-old oil heir, through an announcement on her Instagram Story last Friday (7 July).

In a touching display of affection, the actress shared her new fiancé’s story where he lovingly referred to Benson as “the love of my life.” Alongside the heartfelt message, a close-up of the exquisite diamond sparkler adorning her ring finger was showcased. Overwhelmed with happiness, she replied with heartfelt words, expressing that he is not only her fiancé but also her best friend: “My best frienddddd, I love you.”

Ashley Benson Engaged To Brandon Davis: Look Into Her Dating History

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In January 2023, speculations about their romance began to circulate when the couple was sighted sitting together courtside at a basketball game, igniting whispers of a budding relationship.

Davis comes from a wealthy lineage as the grandson of a billionaire oil tycoon. He is set to inherit a substantial fortune due to his family’s successful business ventures. Davis’ grandfather, Marvin Davis, amassed great wealth through lucrative endeavors in the oil industry and made strategic investments in entertainment and real estate.

Notably, he acquired prominent entities like 20th Century Fox, Pebble Beach Company, the Aspen Skiing Company, and the renowned Beverly Hills Hotel. As stated in his 2004 New York Times obituary, Marvin Davis transitioned from oil holdings to focus on these diverse ventures in the early 1980s.

Love In The Rearview: Ashley Benson’s Journey Through Past Relationships

Prior to her relationship with Davis, Ashley Benson was last romantically associated with rapper G-Eazy. Additionally, she shared a two-year-long romance with actress and model Cara Delevingne.

Ashley Benson Engaged To Brandon Davis: Look Into Her Dating History

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n the aftermath of their separation, Benson candidly discussed the challenges she encountered regarding public scrutiny of her personal life in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK. Addressing the issue, she expressed her preference for maintaining privacy in her relationships. Reflecting on the situation, she revealed, “The frustrating aspect is having to remain silent while others discuss you, and you have to navigate through it. People may freely pass judgments about me, but true understanding of who I am is only possible if you truly know me.”

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