Need To Know Ben Shelton’s Mother And Father: Lisa And Bryan

Ben Shelton hails from Atlanta, USA, and has made a name for himself as a professional tennis player. His journey in the sport began at the young age of 12, and over the years, he has achieved significant milestones. One of his notable accomplishments includes reaching a career-high singles ranking of 35th in the world as of May 8, 2023. In the realm of doubles, Ben also attained a career-best ranking of 90th in the world in August 2023.

For those who have been following tennis closely, Ben Shelton needs no introduction. At just 20 years old, this American tennis prodigy has made a significant impact, currently holding the 36th spot in the world rankings as of 2023. Recently, in a heated US Open semifinal showdown, Ben Shelton faced off against Novak Djokovic, but it was Djokovic who emerged as the dominant winner with a convincing victory.

Shelton’s remarkable journey includes a notable quarterfinal appearance at the Australian Open. However, behind Ben’s on-court achievements, the unsung hero of his success is undoubtedly his mother, Lisa Witsken Shelton. Let’s delve more information about his mother and much more about his life in this article.

Meet Ben Shelton’s Mother: Lisa Witsken Shelton

Ben Shelton’s mother, Lisa Witsken who is like her son, had a background in tennis. Lisa was active in tennis during her junior years. She also has a daughter named Emma, who follows in the family’s tennis tradition and plays the sport as well. Lisa Witsken Shelton comes from a middle-class background, with Marilyn Witsken as her mother and Henry Witsken as her father. Following her marriage to Bryan, Lisa transitioned from tennis to a career in real estate.

Need To Know Ben Shelton's Mother And Father: Lisa And Bryan

Notably, Lisa’s brother, Todd Witsken, had a successful tennis career, participating in prestigious events like the 1988 Australian Open and the 1989 Roland Garros. Todd achieved a noteworthy career-high ranking of 43rd in the world during his tennis journey.

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At present, Lisa has transitioned into a career in real estate and serves as a realtor for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Thomas Group in Gainesville, Florida. “I specialize in bringing you the best homes for sale and real estate listings in the area. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or need help securing a Home Mortgage, I’ve got you covered,” as indicated in her biography.

Lisa has been a constant presence in Ben Shelton’s life, serving as more than just his tennis coach; she’s also been his unwavering source of emotional support. Ben frequently acknowledges his mother as his most enthusiastic supporter, and her unwavering encouragement has played a crucial role in his ongoing tennis odyssey.

Who Is Ben Shelton’s Father?

Ben Shelton’s father is Bryan Shelton, a former tennis player who played a pivotal role in inspiring Ben’s own tennis journey. After concluding his professional tennis career, Bryan transitioned into coaching and served as the national coach for the United States Tennis Association.

Need To Know Ben Shelton's Mother And Father: Lisa And Bryan

Subsequently, in 1999, Bryan took on the role of head coach for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets women’s team. In 2012, he assumed the position of head coach for the men’s team at the University of Florida, known as the Florida Gators. However, in June of the current year, he made the decision to step down from this role to dedicate his time and efforts fully to supporting his son, Ben, in his tennis career. Let’s delve into his tennis career in the upcoming paragraphs.

Ben Shelton’s Name Goes Global: Italian Tennis Legend Emulates His Bold US Open Move

In the competitive realm of tennis, emotions often run high, and rivalries can lead to bold statements. Recently, Fabio Fognini made headlines with a controversial move inspired by an incident involving Novak Djokovic. After both players secured wins, they used somewhat controversial celebrations to convey their messages. Novak Djokovic faced off against Ben Shelton in a contentious US Open semifinal match, which he won convincingly. Djokovic’s celebratory gesture sparked controversy, prompting Fabio Fognini to mimic it shortly afterward.

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Fognini’s target was Italy’s Davis Cup Team Captain, Filippo Volandri, who had favored Vavassori over him, a decision that Fognini had openly criticized. Drawing inspiration from Djokovic’s contentious celebration against Ben Shelton, Fognini replicated the gesture to express his frustration. Competing in the Challenger Genoa, Fognini secured a spot in the finals with a straight-set victory over Thiago Monteiro, winning 6-2, 6-4 in the semifinals. Keep reading for more.

Ben Shelton’s Victory Celebration Emulated By Novak Djokovic At US Open

In an intriguing US Open semifinal, Novak Djokovic faced off against Ben Shelton. Djokovic emerged victorious in a match that had everyone guessing the outcome. However, the real talking point wasn’t a powerful ace or a crafty drop shot; it was Djokovic’s post-match celebration. After securing his win, Novak Djokovic chose to emulate Ben Shelton’s distinctive ‘hang up the phone’ celebration. This move sparked a global discussion, with fans and experts sharing their views.

Djokovic defended his imitation, stating that he found Shelton’s celebration “very original” and denied any intention of mocking the American player. He jokingly claimed, “I thought it was very original, and I copied him. I stole his celebration,” playfully dubbing himself the “Serbinator.”

Need To Know Ben Shelton's Mother And Father: Lisa And Bryan

Before Shelton’s match against Djokovic, he, an admirer of Roger Federer, expressed his desire to instill fear in his opponents, much like Federer did in his prime. Additionally, Shelton has a sponsorship deal with ‘On,’ a brand in which Roger Federer holds a 3% stake, indicating that the young player is following in his idol’s footsteps.

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