Who Is Jalen Hurts’ Wife? All About Bry Burrows & Their Relationship

Jalen Alexander Hurts, born on August 7, 1998, is an American football quarterback who currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. He began his college football career at the University of Alabama, where he participated in two consecutive College Football National Championships and was part of the 2018 championship-winning team.

Jalen Hurts Engages in Verbal Exchange with AJ Brown Before Fourth Quarter of Game Against Vikings, Amidst Receiver’s Challenging Night Despite Philadelphia Victory. Additionally, while Jalen Hurts has consistently delivered outstanding performances in the NFL, he has maintained a level of secrecy around his personal life.

Recent attention on the question of whether “Jalen Hurts has a wife” has revealed that he is not married but shares a strong connection with Bry Burrows. Now, let’s delve deeper into the relationship between Jalen Hurts and Bry Burrows to shed light on some of the curiosity surrounding this matter.

Jalen Hurts’ Wife: Unraveling The Connection With Bry Burrows

In 2023, Jalen Hurts, the accomplished NFL athlete, is not currently married. Nevertheless, it has been revealed that he is in a committed relationship with Bry Burrows, a prominent individual from his time at the University of Alabama. According to some reports, in 2017, at the University of Alabama, Jalen Hurts and Bry Burrows began their love story, transitioning from close friends to a romantic relationship by 2018. They’ve maintained privacy about their relationship, with Bry often seen supporting Jalen from the sidelines.

Who Is Jalen Hurts' Wife? All About Bry Burrows & Their Relationship

Bry Burrows has made a name for herself professionally, currently working as an artificial intelligence partner at IBM, with previous experience in sales and marketing at E. & J. Gallo Winery in Miami. Jalen acknowledged their relationship in an April 2023 Essence magazine interview, describing Bry as “the one” for him as per the reports.

However, as of now, they are not married. Jalen remains dedicated to his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles while nurturing his relationship with Bry. Their love story has garnered media attention and admiration, with figures like Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni praising their genuine relationship. Keep reading for more.

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Jalen Hurts Affirms His Relationship With Bry Burrows

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts confirmed his relationship with Bryonna “Bry” Burrows in an Essence magazine cover story as mentioned above. While he’s not married, he stated that he’s “spoken for.”

They’ve been dating on-and-off since college when they met at the University. Bry is an artificial intelligence partner at IBM, while Jalen recently signed a record-breaking $255 million, five-year contract extension with the Eagles, becoming the highest-paid player in NFL history. Both accomplished in their own right, they’ve kept their relationship private.

The Couple Keeps Their Relationship Out Of The Spotlight

If you’re hoping to find traces of Jalen Hurts’ girlfriend on Instagram, you’ll be disappointed. Despite Jalen and Bryonna’s connection since 2016, Hurts and his girlfriend have maintained a low profile on social media. Neither of them has shared pictures of their relationship, and Bry Burrows has a private Instagram account.

Who Is Jalen Hurts' Wife? All About Bry Burrows & Their Relationship

However, with their recent confirmation of their relationship, it remains to be seen if they will become more open about their romance on social media in the future. Let’s delve into the Jalen Hurts’s sideline exchange in the upcoming paragraph.

Jalen Hurts On Sideline Exchange With A.J. Brown: ‘Everyone Wants To Make Plays

During the Philadelphia Eagles’ win over the Minnesota Vikings, quarterback Jalen Hurts and wide receiver A.J. Brown had a heated exchange on the sideline in the fourth quarter, requiring coach Nick Sirianni to intervene. Hurts downplayed the incident, emphasizing Brown’s competitiveness and expressing confidence that it won’t lead to future issues. Eagles center Jason Kelce echoed this sentiment, attributing the argument to the high standards the team holds itself to.

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The exact cause of the disagreement remains unclear, but it may be related to the team’s performance or Brown’s limited targets in the game. Despite the win, the Eagles are striving to reach the standard that led them to the Super Bowl last season. Their next challenge is against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 25.

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