Who Is Ben Simmons Dating? An Inside Look Into His Past Relationships

Benjamin David Simmons is an Australian professional basketball player who was born on July 20, 1996. He plays for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. He played college basketball for one year with the LSU Tigers. After missing a year of basketball because of an injury to his right foot, he was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018 and went to the NBA All-Star Game three times. Simmons is the NBA player who has been fined the most. This is because he refused to play for the 76ers after the 2020–21 season. This led to him being traded to the Nets.

Moving further into his love life we got to know that Simmons reportedly got engaged to British TV star Maya Jama over the 2021 Christmas holiday. According to some reports, the relationship between the two people ended in August 2022. Since then, he’s living a single life or currently not dating anyone. However, over the years, he has also made a name for himself in the dating world as he dated a lot of women. In this post, we’ll let you know about his love life in detail.

Ben Simmons’s Past Relationships

Dylan Gonzalez

In June 2017, people started saying that Dylan Gonzalez, a former women’s basketball player, and Ben Simmons were an item. Not much is known about their relationship, but the fact that they were both pro basketball players shows that they had a lot in common. On Instagram, where she models and raps, Dylan Gonzalez is now known as the Drip Doctor. She has 1.3 million active followers, and her bio has a link to her new music. They were together until about November 2017.

Who Is Ben Simmons Dating? An Inside Look Into His Past Relationships

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In March 2018, things between Simmons and the famous singer Tinashe started to heat up.

It was said that they started dating in February of that year, but they made it official in March when they both posted about it on Instagram. These posts are no longer available. Things seemed great between them until the beginning of May when rumors started to spread that Simmons was dating Kendall Jenner. The public still doesn’t know if he was cheating on her at the time or if they had already broken up. At some point in May 2018, the relationship was over for good.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons were official in May of 2018. The two were seen together in public more than once, and pictures taken in July 2018 proved that they were dating. Even though they went on vacations together and said they were friends, they were serious about each other. Kendall was caught kissing Anwar Hadid in September 2018, which seemed to end her relationship with Simmons.

Who Is Ben Simmons Dating? An Inside Look Into His Past Relationships

But in November, Simmons and Kendall were seen together again, and Kendall started going to his games with his mother. The two hung out together casually until about May 2019, after which they weren’t seen together again until January 2020. In April 2020, though, they were no longer together.

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Maya Jama

In 2019, it was said for the first time that Maya Jama, a TV host, was dating Ben Simmons. But nothing really stuck until 2021, when the two started making hints on social media that they were together. In May of 2021, Maya posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a pair of red basketball shorts that were said to belong to Simmons. The photo also looks like it was taken in the house of the basketball star. Then he added a heart emoji to the photo, and Maya replied with a heart as well. 

Who Is Ben Simmons Dating? An Inside Look Into His Past Relationships

In June 2021, Simmons sent out screenshots of the two of them talking on FaceTime. Then, in July, they were seen kissing at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

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