Meet Benjamin Hall’s Wife As He Return To Live TV After Ukraine Attack

Benjamin Hall is a British journalist who lives in Washington, D.C., and works for Fox News Channel as a State Department correspondent. In July 2015, he joined the network. Hall’s first job was as a reporter who wrote about the Middle East. Since 2007, he has written from the front lines for The New York Times, The Times of London, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The BBC, and other news outlets, often being one of the first journalists on the ground.

Hall was hurt while on a job in Ukraine outside of Kyiv to report on the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The car Hall was riding in was attacked. In the attack, while reporting on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a Fox News reporter lost a limb and sight in one eye.

Recently, he went back on live TV Thursday with a message of hope for viewers. He has recovered from his injuries with the help of his wife and family. People are happy to see him again and want to know about his personal life. In this article we’ll talk about his wife and kids.

Who Is Benjamin Hall’s Wife?

In July 2015, Benjamin Hall got married to an Australian businesswoman named Alicia Meller. Senso is an Australian clothing and shoe brand that Alicia works for. It was started by her parents in 1979. She and her two sisters, Imogen and Skye, started working for the company in 2010. She is in charge of international development.

Meet Benjamin Hall's Wife As He Return To Live TV After Ukraine Attack

Imogen is the general manager and is in charge of social media and marketing. Skye is in charge of the designs themselves. Alicia’s parents often fly between London, where Alicia lives, and Sydney, where the brand is based.

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Inside Hall And Meller’s Married Life

In July 2015, Hall got married to Alicia Meller. On their five year anniversery he posted on Instagram to mark the occasion. He wrote, “Five years have passed, and we’ve done more than I thought was possible. A ride on a roller coaster, an adventure, a trip. The past five years have been the best of my life.”
They have three daughters, all of whom have been shown on Ben’s Instagram feed.

Meet Benjamin Hall's Wife As He Return To Live TV After Ukraine Attack

For Alicia’s birthday in the summer of 2020, the family had a “staycation,” and it looks like he and the girls tried skateboarding in February 2021. He wrote, “When lockdown gets boring, try something new.”

Hall and his wife  have three girls. In September 2019, Alicia gave birth to their third daughter. The whole family now lives in the United States.

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Details About The Attack On Banjemin Hall

A memo from Suzanne Scott, the CEO of Fox News, says that British journalist Hall was hurt on March 14, 2022, outside of Kyiv. “Earlier today, our reporter Benjamin Hall was hurt while gathering news outside of Kyiv, Ukraine,” the news source said. We don’t know much about the situation right now, but Ben is in the hospital and our teams on the ground are working to find out more as the situation moves quickly.

Meet Benjamin Hall's Wife As He Return To Live TV After Ukraine Attack

Pierre Zakrzewski, a cameraman for Fox News, was killed while he was working with Hall. Zakrzewski was shot and killed when gunfire hit the car they were in. On March 15, it came out that Hall had lost a piece of his leg. The statement came from the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Ukraine. Hall was hurt badly in the explosion in Kyiv. He “lost half a leg, a foot, and the sight in one eye.”

In a tweet from April 7, 2022, he gave an update on his health. Hall said that he had lost a foot and half a leg on one side. But that wasn’t the end of his injuries. One hand was “being put together,” and he had lost sight in one eye.

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