Who Is Bobby Petrino’s Wife? Meet Becky Petrino

ESPN sources say that Jimbo Fisher is hiring one of the best offensive minds in football, Bobby Petrino, to be Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator. He was the head coach at Arkansas and Louisville. 

Sources tell ESPN that while Fisher will still be highly involved in the Aggies’ offense, Petrino will take over main playcalling duties, making him one of a diminishing number of head coaches who call their own plays on offense.

Petrino was last at UNLV for less than a month. He started there on Dec. 15 as the new head coach Barry Odom’s offensive coordinator. He was Missouri State’s head coach for the last three years. In two of those years, he led the Bears to the FCS playoffs. Before he got there, it had been 30 years since Missouri State had been in the playoffs. Sources say that Petrino told Odom on Wednesday that he was going to Texas A&M. An official announcement from Texas A&M is expected soon.

If you look into Bobby Petrino’s personal life, you’ll find that his marriage is very interesting. Learn more about his married life by reading on.

Meet Bobby Petrino’s Wife, Becky

Becky Petrino is the wife of Bobby Petrino, the former head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Sources say that She is from the American city of Missoula, Montana.

Becky is known for playing tennis and golf with her friends and family when she has time. Sources also say that Becky likes to listen to Christian music and Country Rock. She and her husband have done charitable things together, like giving about $250,000 to an Arkansas children’s hospital.

Who Is Bobby Petrino's Wife? Meet Becky Petrino

Most people thought that Becky was a calm woman when her husband was caught cheating on her. What happened was that her husband, Bobby Petrino, was in a motorcycle accident with his assistant and mistress, Jessica Dorell, while they were speeding on a highway. Throughout the whole thing, Becky Petrino stayed calm and didn’t make any news.

Inside Bobby And Becky’s Relationship: Bobby Was Having An Affair Outside Of His Marriage With Becky

When Becky was attending college in Montana, she was introduced to Bobby. After dating for some time, the couple tied the knot, and today they have four children—two girls and two boys.

In April 2012, Bobby Petrino was in a motorcycle accident on an Arkansas highway. The accident showed that he was having an affair with his assistant, who was also the development coordinator. The next day, pictures of Bobby Petrino’s neck brace were all over the news. When he talked to the press, he said he was riding alone at the time, which was a lie. He probably did this to hide his extramarital affair.

Who Is Bobby Petrino's Wife? Meet Becky Petrino

When asked why he did what he did, he said, “I wanted to keep my family and a bad relationship from becoming public.” In retrospect, I made a very bad decision when I didn’t go into more detail about those things. Today, I’ve admitted that I had a bad relationship with my family and the people in charge of the athletic department. The affair began before she started working as Bobby Petrino’s assistant, and it seemed like he was favoring her when he hired her. When the Razorback school administration found out, they put him on paid leave for an unspecified amount of time and then fired him.

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