Who Is Bodie ‘The Voice’s’ Wife? All You Need To Know About Their Relationship

Bodie’s performances on The Voice season 22 have been some of the best, and the first night of the finale was no different. The 29-year-old fan favorite from California took the stage Monday to sing “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake. He dedicated the song to his three children, which made all four coaches stand up and Gwen Stefani cry.

Bodie is a well-known musician who has released “Moonlight,” “Teenage Love,” and “I Think I Like You” as singles and two EPs, “Love at First Fight” and “Me and You.”  Bodie put out a single called “GHOST” in July 2022. In May 2022, he also put out a documentary. His personal life is now the subject of discussion among his fans. In this article, we talk about Bodie’s wife, kids, and more.

Bodie Is Married To Royale Kuljian

Royale Kuljian is The Voice singer Bodie’s wife. Everyone saw his wife Royale for the first time when she came with him to support him during the auditions. After that, she came with their kids. In an interview with Parade, Bodie talked about his wife and said a lot of nice things about her. He said that his wife Royale is a strong, independent woman who works as a photographer and loves being incharge.

Who Is Bodie 'The Voice's' Wife? All You Need To Know About Their Relationship

During one conversation with Bodie, he also mentioned that Royale writes a lot with him and helps make and edit videos with him. Royale and Bodie are a cute couple with a great family of five. They have been together at least since 2012. The couple took their relationship a step further by exchanging vows on June 16, 2015. They have been together for more than seven years and have always had each other’s backs. The couple is a good example of what a healthy relationship should look like.

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Bodie’s Wife Royale Kuljian Is A Photographer

Royale Kuljian is a professional photographer. Royale does everything she needs to do as a good wife and mother by taking care of the babies with her husband, Bodie. As a freelancer, she has taken care of not only her family but also her career.

Who Is Bodie 'The Voice's' Wife? All You Need To Know About Their Relationship

Bodie likes music, also makes videos, and takes pictures with his wife. Royale and Bodie are photographers and videographers who work for brands, weddings, and other events. Bodie also works as a teacher at the same university where he got his degree.

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Bodie Is The Father Of Three Children

Bodie’s family is complete with their three children. They have three kids: two girls and a boy. The kids are named Indie, Violet, and Goldie. In 2017, the couple had their first child, a son named Indie Wade Kuljian, who was born on June 6, 2017. In November 2018, the couple had their second child, a daughter named Violet Roe Kuljian. The couple’s oldest daughter just turned 4 years old. The couple said they were expecting their third child in February 2020. Their youngest daughter, Goldie Love Kuljian, was born on July 15, 2020.  The couple loves spending time with their young children, and they talk about them a lot on social media.

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