Did Bubzbeauty Ex-Husband Tim’s Cheating Pics Lead To Their Divorce?

YouTuber Bubzbeauty, whose real name is Lindy Tsang, has amassed a large following. She has benefited and entertained many through the videos she has posted on YouTube about skincare and makeup. She drew much attention towards herself through her divorce.

Bubzbeauty broke the news to her followers that she and her spouse had separated in March 2020 via an Instagram Q&A. She then posted a video to her YouTube account confirming the same thing a few days after her Instagram confession.

Many of the skincare expert’s followers started to speculate about her recent breakup. Many people have mused that her ex-husband may have been unfaithful to her. Keep reading to learn more about the circumstances of her divorce and whether or not she was the victim of a failing marriage.

Bubzbeauty And Tim Got Divorced in March 2020

In March 2020, a viewer confronted the YouTuber about her marriage after picking up on her cryptic signs that her marriage was ending. The supporter said that her fans had a right to know what had happened. And her response was

We are no longer together but with all due respect, I don’t need to explain my life to anyone. 

Her response was later shared on a Reddit forum, where others claimed she should have seen the warning signs for her marriage to end long before it did. The confirmation also brought sadness to the hearts of others. Some of her admirers were convinced that her ex-husband was having an affair.

Was Tim cheating On Bubzbeauty Which Led To Their Divorce?

When Tim and Bubzbeauty finally broke up, it was after a lengthy relationship. Ayla and Isaac, their two lovely children, are the fruit of their union. Whatever had to happen, happened, Bubzbeauty said of her breakup. But so far she hasn’t said why they split up.

Did Bubzbeauty Ex-Husband Tim's Cheating Pics Lead To Their Divorce?

A poster on the Guru Gossip Community Forum said that her abusive ex-husband used to hit him. As the comment was posted by an account called “gayboygossip,” however, the veracity of the story is still up for debate. The user name seems fishy, and there’s no further evidence to support this, so it could be a hoax.

Whatever occurred in her previous relationship, Bubzbeauty has moved on and is happy now that things are starting to work out for her. We also know that, despite their divorce, she maintains cordial relations with her former spouse. Ultimately, she does this because she cares deeply about their happiness as children.

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Bubzbeauty Is Now In A Relationship With A Mystery Man

Commenters on Guru Gossip claim that by late 2020, Bubz had moved on from her previous partner and was often posting about her new man on Instagram.

Did Bubzbeauty Ex-Husband Tim's Cheating Pics Lead To Their Divorce?

Apparently, the YouTuber and the mysterious man went to the beach in January of 2021, according to one viewer, yet the only film of the man that was released was of him from behind. The same mysterious man appeared in another selfie she posted, but this time his face was obscured by an emoji.

Even though there were multiple reports of sightings, she was always careful to hide his face.

One viewer noticed that the vlogger was much happy in her videos beginning in January. Although it was unclear if her joy resulted from Mr. Lumberjack’s presence or Tim’s absence. Apparently, she referred to the unknown male as that.

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