Did Cardi B’s Grandmother Perform Witchcraft On Nicki Minaj? All You Need To Know!

The fight between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at New York Fashion Week a few years ago is still talked about. What happened, for those who don’t know: Several news sources say that Cardi B got mad at Minaj when she heard that the “Barbie Tingz” rapper was putting down her parenting skills.

TMZ got a video of Cardi B yelling and lunging at someone who was thought to be Minaj. Shoes were thrown. It was a huge pile of drama that the next day’s tabloids and people on social media couldn’t stop talking about. What started out as a fight between the two rappers that the media made up quickly became real.

Did Cardi B’s Grandmother Perform Witchcraft On Nicki Minaj? All You Need To Know!

Since then, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj haven’t been on the same page. Even worse, Nicki Minaj started to think that Cardi B’s grandmother had done voodoo on her.

But is it true? Did Nicki Minaj’s grandmother really use witchcraft on her? In this article, we’ll talk about all of that and more.

Nicki Minaj Claimed Cardi B Did Voodoo On Her

Nicki Minaj went on Queen Radio on Sunday night to talk about some of her rivals in the music business and air her dirty laundry. Among other things, the rapper from “Super Freaky Girl” said that she had heard that another rapper had tried to use voodoo on her.

“What would you think if a rapper you liked did voodoo?” Nicki said on Queen Radio.

Did Cardi B’s Grandmother Perform Witchcraft On Nicki Minaj? All You Need To Know!

Minaj continued, “And they were so stupid to talk about it. Not only were they texting about it, but they were also talking to other people about it. They didn’t know that someone who knows them well was nearby.

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Minaj said, “Imagine having so little self-worth that you turn to voodoo and witchcraft as if you don’t have to pay it back.”

“Am I really that much of a threat?”

Based on the whole situation and how Nicki was talking about it, it’s clear that she was “really” thinking that Cardi B had cast a spell on her.

It was clear right away that Nicki was wrong, and that neither voodoo nor witchcraft had anything to do with it. Read on to find out more.

Azealia Banks Says She Lied To Nicki Minaj About Cardi B’s Grandmother Doing Voodoo On Her

Well, Azealia Banks came into the chat on Tuesday and said she was the one who told Nicki Minaj that Cardi B did voodoo on her, but she also said she made the whole thing up.

“I told you a lie, you dumb hoe.” Azealia told her story on Instagram. “Cardi’s grandmother didn’t cast a spell on you,” he said.


In a voiceover, she said, “Telling someone that witchcraft is being done to them is the easiest way to do it.”
“Someone whose mind isn’t strong gets paranoid. They begin to attack themselves. “And that’s exactly what’s going on,” says Banks.

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“Yes, that is exactly what is going on. You’re getting fked up by the walls… You are in the gutter, you fcking btch. You don’t know as much as you think. I lied twice. Now you’re out here acting like a fking fool.”

Banks also said in a long Instagram story that Nicki was following Cardi B. She says Nicki is still “mad” after five years because Nicki “probably wanted to be Cardi B’s friend at first.”

So, there you have it. Neither Cardi B nor her grandmother did voodoo on Nicki Minaj. It was all part of Azealia Banks’ plan to get back at Minaj.

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