Know About Chelsea Meissner’s Boyfriend As She Expecting Her First Baby

Chelsea Meissner is known for her appearances on the reality TV show Southern Charm. She gained recognition after her remarkable run on Survivor: One World, where she secured the second runner-up position. Born in June 1985 and hailing from Hilton Charleston, Chelsea initially worked in the medical sales field before venturing into the television industry. Additionally, she boasts an impressive background as a state champion equestrian rider. Presently, Chelsea serves as a hairstylist at the Indigo & Ivy Salon in Charleston, showcasing her versatility and passion for beauty.

Chelsea has recently made headlines with the exciting news of her first-time pregnancy. As fans eagerly await the arrival of her baby in September, many are left wondering about the father’s identity and Chelsea’s love life. Before delving into her relationship status, let’s take a closer look at Chelsea Meissner’s rise to prominence and her current endeavors.

Who Is Chelsea Meissner’s Baby Daddy?

While Chelsea Meissner is thrilled about her pregnancy, she has chosen to keep the identity of her baby’s father a closely guarded secret. This decision has sparked curiosity among her fans, prompting questions about her love life. Although the father remains unknown, Chelsea has hinted at the gender of her baby through subtle clues, which we will explore later. But first, let’s find out if Chelsea Meissner is currently dating someone.

Chelsea Meissner made her pregnancy announcement on Instagram, including several recent ultrasound images that revealed her growing fetus. However, she did not disclose the identity of her boyfriend in the post. This omission has led to speculations and inquiries from online followers, eager to uncover the baby daddy’s identity.

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Chelsea’s departure from Southern Charm in 2019 marked a new chapter in her life, and she shared the joyous news of her pregnancy with fans. The ultrasound video, taken at East Cooper Maternal Fetal Medicine in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, evoked a sense of completion for Chelsea, especially after the loss of her beloved dog, Tyson, in August. In the caption, she expressed the profound realization that her capacity to love another soul deeply grew stronger with the prospect of becoming a mother.

Though Chelsea Meissner did not explicitly confirm the gender of her child in the post, she may have subtly hinted at having a girl. The choice of “My Little Girl” by Jack Johnson as the background music for the video suggests a possible indication. Furthermore, Chelsea playfully mentioned that the child’s father is a new acquaintance, thereby confirming the presence of a new boyfriend in her life as of 2023.

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A Peek Into Chelsea’s Love Life

Chelsea Meissner’s previous relationship was with Austen Kroll, a fellow cast member on Southern Charm. During her three seasons on the show, Chelsea briefly dated Austen before opting to keep her personal life private. Despite sharing updates about her activities in Charleston on social media, Chelsea has remained discreet about her romantic relationships.

Know About Chelsea Meissner's Boyfriend As She Expecting Her First Baby

In response to Chelsea’s pregnancy announcement, her former Southern Charm co-stars expressed their excitement and support. Cameran Eubanks, who became a mother herself in 2017, eagerly awaits the arrival of Chelsea’s baby. Naomi Olindo and Madison LeCroy also showered Chelsea with warm wishes, praising her for being a wonderful mother. As her September due date approaches, fans eagerly await further updates on Chelsea Meissner’s new chapter in life, cheering her on every step of the way.

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