Who Is Cheryl Hines’ Husband? Complete Relationship Details

Cheryl Ruth Hines is an American actress and director. She is best known for playing Cheryl, Larry David’s wife, on the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, for which she has been nominated for two Emmy Awards. Cheryl Hines is not even new to the Hollywood red carpet because of her famous roles. She played Dallas Royce on the ABC comedy show Suburgatory and directed her first movie, Serious Moonlight, in 2009.

In this article, you will discover about Cheryl Hines’s personal life including her past relationships. To get more detailed information, continue reading.

Who Is Cheryl Hines’ Husband?

In December 2011, Hines started dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an American environmental lawyer, and author who is part of the Kennedy family. They met because Hines played David’s wife on the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

They started dating in 2012. In April 2014, they said they were getting married, and on August 2, 2014, they did. Because he fights against vaccines, Kennedy has become a controversial figure. At a rally against the COVID vaccine mandate on January 23, 2022, in Washington, DC, he talked about Anne Frank. In a tweet afterward, Hines said that his comments were wrong.

Know About How Cheryl And Robert Met

Robert and Cheryl didn’t seem like a good match from the start. Even though they shared a friend, Larry David, who took her skiing twice on separate trips, Kennedy Jr. was still hesitant to date an actress. Moreover, she was still married at the time of the meeting. But when they met for the third time in December 2011, things really got going. What seemed like the most unlikely pair at first turned out to be just right.

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Cheryl Hines Was Previously Married To Paul Young

On December 30, 2002, Hines married Paul Young, who started the management company Principato-Young. On March 8, 2004, their daughter Catherine Rose Young was born. Catherine is her only daughter born out of her love for her first husband, Paul Young. Her teenage daughter, like her mother, is a talented actress who has been in movies like The Grand and R.V. Runaway Vacation. After almost eight years of marriage, Hines and Young filed for divorce on July 20, 2010.

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When a nephew was born with cerebral palsy, Hines contacted United Cerebral Palsy for answers and resources. Over time, she got involved with UCP and has used her fame to help bring more attention to the organization. Hines serves on the Board of Trustees of United Cerebral Palsy.

Cheryl Hines On Social Media

Cheryl Hines is quite active on Instagram and regularly posts about her professional as well as personal life. You can find her on Instagram under the handle @_cherylhines.


As of this writing, she has a huge fan following of 121k active followers.

Cheryl Hines’ Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, it is estimated that Cheryl Hines has a net worth of $16 million dollars. She is best known for her roles on the comedy TV shows “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Suburgatory.” She has also been in movies like “RV,” “Waitress,” “Life After Beth,” and “Nine Lives.” With “Serious Moonlight,” which came out in 2009, Hines directed her first full-length movie.

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