Has Carson Daly Moved On From Sleep Divorce To A Real Divorce?

For a couple that has committed to being together ’til death do them part, the marital bed is a sign of the trust and devotion they have in one another. When partners share a bed, it’s a sign that they are committed to one another and willing to support one another even in their most vulnerable moments.

Longtime TV anchor Carson Daly, however, claims that his marriage has flourished since he and his wife got a “sleep divorce” and no longer sleep in the same bed.

In case you’re scratching your head over the term “sleep divorced,” it refers to the situation in which a married couple decides that they no longer want to sleep in the same bed.

First, we’ll investigate the motivations behind Daly and his wife’s decision to have a sleep divorce, and then we’ll talk about whether or not they have moved past that stage into a final divorce.

Why Did Carson Daly And His Wife Decide To Get Sleep Divorced?

In 2020, Daly opened up about his sleeping conditions at home; in a recent update, he told viewers of TODAY, “I was issued my sleep-divorce papers a few years ago.” He then said, “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us. We both, admittedly, slept better apart.”

But the couple’s arrangements appear to be evolving again. “Now we’ve reconciled a bit so we’re just sleep separated, so some nights I’m in the bed, some nights I’m on the couch or in the guest room.”

Has Carson Daly Moved On From Sleep Divorce To A Real Divorce?

Daly is willing to give a new approach a shot after discussing it with his co-anchors live on air. He described the style as “you have your own comforters or duvets,” calling it the “Scandinavian way.” Using the same blanket night after night has been shown in research to increase the likelihood of sleep disruption by as much as 30 percent, he explained.

Daly added that the idea sounded “worth trying” because sleeping with one’s own duvet or comforter reduces the likelihood of being awakened by one’s spouse.

Siri’s pregnancy with their fourth kid reportedly made it impossible for the couple to get a good night’s rest. He went on to say that things weren’t helped by the fact that he has sleep apnea, which often manifests itself in excessive snoring.

“I also have sleep apnea, and it just wasn’t working when she was in her third trimester,” Daly told People. She said, “I couldn’t get comfortable, and she couldn’t, so we were like that commercial when the couple keeps kicking each other and can’t sleep.”

After waking up, we just shook hands and said, “I love you, but it’s time to sleep divorce. Daly argued that this would be beneficial for everyone involved.

The couple still keeps up the habit and doubts they will ever sleep together again.

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Is Carson Daly Going For A Real Divorce?

Carson Daly met his wife Siri Pinter when she started working on his talk show “Last Call with Carson Daly” as a writer’s assistant in 2005. Even though they worked together at first, something between them grew, and they began dating. After that, they got married in 2015 and haven’t been apart since.

Pinter is not only a wife, but she has also made a name for herself. She writes about food and blogs about it, according to her bio. As a way to stay focused, the former producer thought of starting her own outlet.

Siri Pinter is not only busy with her successful career, but she also has four kids.

Has Carson Daly Moved On From Sleep Divorce To A Real Divorce?

Even though Pinter’s schedule is full, she is always looking for ways to help other moms and often gives advice to people who want to start their own outlet. She told Parade, “I would say the same thing, which is to be as natural as possible.” “Do what makes you happy. Find your niche and stay true to yourself, and readers will pick up on that.

Pinter also talked about how great it is to work with her husband on the Today show, where they both work. She told the news source, “We just work well together.” “Our strengths and weaknesses work together to make us a good team.”

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Daly’s career hasn’t always been a bed of roses; he’s had to deal with homophobia claims, a failed engagement, and a “sleep divorce,” which is a real thing. Critics of the couple, though, would have to be quiet because Carson Daly and his wife are still going strong and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence so far that they are going to split up.

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