Chris Powell Divorce With Wife Heidi – Details!

On May 23, 2020, it was made public that Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi Powell, were getting a divorce.

In a joint statement that Chris posted on Instagram, he and his ex-wife said that they had decided to split up on their own. This ended their almost 10-year marriage.

In the very first statement of his post, he said, “We have some sad news to share with you today.” He hoped that the fans would respond with love and compassion.

Chris also said that the couple chose to end their marriage after “much thought, prayer, and love.”

He also asked fans to remember that their decision to split up was carefully thought out over many months, with the goal of making their modern family have the “best dynamic.”

The fitness trainer said they were feeling a great deal of sadness as one part of their life came to an end. At the same time, they were feeling a lot of hope, peace, and love as they moved into the next part of their life.

Chris Powell Divorce With Wife Heidi - Details!

The couple also said that even though they were no longer together, they would always be one family because of their four “beautiful” kids, including their son Cash and daughter Ruby. Heidi has two children from a marriage she was in before.

Even though Chris and Heidi decided to end their marriage, they told their fans that their relationship will “only get stronger.” They said that everyone will see that they had more in common than just their marriage. At the end of the letter, they thanked their fans and other people who cared about them for loving them for who they were.

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Chris Powell’s Wife, Heidi Talks About Life Post-Divorce

Heidi talked about her marriage and divorce with Chris in a blog post named “Don’t judge a book by its cover: divorce and other life lessons.”

In the first sentence, she wrote, “I said a lot of prayers, cried a lot of tears, and then learned how to laugh a lot of belly laughs in 2020.”

The fitness author also said that her “divorce number 2,” which happened at the same time as the COVID-19 pandemic, was hard. Heidi said that she didn’t have to explain her divorces or relationships because she had decided a long time ago to “live in the public eye” and let people sit at her table.

In her long writing, the author said that it was “natural” for people to be interested in her personal life and how she was dealing with the change. After her fans asked a lot of questions about her ex-husbands on social media, she tried to answer or ignore them in subtle ways.

Chris Powell Divorce With Wife Heidi - Details!

But Heidi said that after talking to some fans, she understood why she was asked that question so often. She thinks it’s normal for people to wonder about her relationship status if they see her and her ex-husbands hanging out with their kids and going to family events.

She said that her ex-husband, Derek Solomon, was a big part of her and Chris’s fitness activities for years.

Heidi said that her family is her business, but she understood why people asked her questions about her private life.

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Where Are Chris Powell And Heidi As Of 2022?

As of 2022, Chris and Heidi are busy raising their kids together and living their own lives. Heidi has already found love with another guy. After she got over her second divorce from Chris Powell and moved on, Heidi met Dave and decided to go on a love caravan trip.

The kids are often seen hanging out with both Heidi and Chris, which shows that their co-parenting agreement is going as planned. Also, Dave, who has four kids, seems to be one of the kids’ favorite people to hang out with.

Chris and Heidi both work hard to make content for their networks while keeping their personal lives calm.

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