Who Is Dan Evans Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Daniel Evans is a British pro tennis player who was born on May 23, 1990. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has ranked him as high as world No. 22 in singles, which he did on September 27, 2021. On April 26, 2021, he was ranked No. 52 in the world in doubles, which was the best he had ever done.

Dan Evans has a girlfriend, whose name is Aleah. According to information provided by Tennisfansite.com, Evans first became familiar with Aleah in 2017, while she was working in Winchcombe. Aleah was there for Evans when he was going through one of the most difficult times of his life, which was when he was prohibited from playing tennis for a year because of his cocaine use.

The fact that there are no images of Evans and Aleah together on social media shows that the couple maintains a high level of privacy.

Who Is Dan Evans Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Although Evans is originally from Birmingham, the two of them ’ve their house in Cheltenham together. However, little is known about their romantic connection.

 “It’s been fantastic (living in Cheltenham), “Evans was quoted as saying this to Gloucestershire Live. “I pretty much like to relax and not do much. “It’s easy to be around here. It’s got a good coffee shop (The Coffee Dispensary in Regent Street) which always helps. Aleah and I always look for one when I’m on tour.”

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“It’s cool here but I’ve spent a lot of time away. This is the first week home, for a full week, for a year probably.”

When Evans has competed at Wimbledon, Aleah has been spotted sitting courtside to watch the matches, and she is the only one most likely do the same thing while he is competing at the French Open.

Dan Evans Once Banned From Tennis Due To Cocaine Use

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing in Evans’ career. In 2017, the guy who won the Davis Cup was banned for a year because he used cocaine. That put him at the bottom of the list, so he had to work hard to get back to where he is now.

Some people called him the bad boy of tennis because of the drugs ban and other things he had done in the past. He says that was unfair, and Evans is on his way back. Aleah stayed with him the whole time.

The tennis player told Gloucestershire Live, “I had to deal with all the fallout from that.” I came to Cheltenham in part because of this. I’m happy with where I live now. It’s somewhere a little less busy and bright than the city.”

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Dan Evans’ Net Worth

Due to his career earnings of $4,681,068, Dan Evans has a net worth of $3 million at this point in his life. The annual income of the Brit is approximately $300,000 on average.

Evans has reached the third round of seven major tournaments: the US Open in 2013, Wimbledon in 2016, the US Open in 2016, Wimbledon in 2019, the US Open in 2019, Wimbledon in 2021, and the Australian Open in 2022.

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