The Bachelor’s Christina Mandrell Divorce, Early Life, Career, And More

Last night, ABC announced the new star of The Bachelor, and his name is Zach Shallcross! The news that the handsome tech executive will be looking for love on ABC was made by the show’s host, Jesse Palmer.

One of the women competing for Zach is sexy Nashville native Christina Mandrell, who is the niece of famous country music singer Barbara Mandrell. Internet rumors say that her mother is the actress and musician Irlene Mandrell, who is Barbara Mandrell’s younger sister. Christina is a model, an actress, a “content creator,” and she’s also been married and divorced.

Christina Mandrell has been in movies and TV shows like “After Darkness,” “A Belle for Christmas,” “Pickler & Ben,” and “Becoming Jesse Tate,” among others. She also plans weddings for a living.

The Bachelor's Christina Mandrell Divorce, Early Life, Career, And More

She works for the Block agency as a model.

Ever since Christina was revealed to be one of the 5 women on The Bachelor, fans of the show have been curious to know everything about her. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Christina Mandrell including her early life, career, and divorce.

Christina Mandrell Early Life

Christina Mandrell was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 17, 1997. She is currently 25 years old and stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Rob Pincus and Irlene Mandrell are her parents. Rob, her dad, is an entrepreneur, and Irlene, her mom, is a musician and an actress. Vanessa is the name of her sister.

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Christina Mandrell Career

In the movie Becoming Jess Tate, which came out in 2009, she made her acting debut as Carrie. She also had a small role in “Hannah Montana: The Movie” that same year.

She is known for her roles in movies and TV shows like “After Darkness,” “A Belle for Christmas,” “Today in Nashville,” and many more.

The actress also works as a model for The Block Agency. She gets deals with different brands as a model, which she mostly promotes on Instagram.

She has also been in the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen,” which came out in November 2009.

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Christina Mandrell Divorce

The Bachelor's Christina Mandrell Divorce, Early Life, Career, And More

Christina Mandrell’s ex-husband’s name is Blake Dennis. In May 2015, they got married. Blakey May, their daughter, was born in December of 2016.

Not much is in public knowledge about why Christina Mandrell decided to part ways with her husband, however, we will update our readers when further details emerge.

Christina Mandrell In Bachelor 27

It’s been a while since The Bachelor had a blonde, divorced, southern girl with connections to famous people. Perfect Bachelorette material.

Fans think she would make a great Bachelorette because she comes from a famous family and already has a story to tell. Then she gets divorced and has a child, which is another plot point that was planned ahead of time.

But some fans think it’s unlikely she’s there for the right reasons since she’s an actress. They think that she probably wants to get more attention and become a star, so she would be willing and able to cry on command and create any drama that the production needs.

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