“Destiny” Played A Recording Of ClawOnTwitch Abusing His Girlfriend!

A YouTube Gaming streamer by the name of Steven “Destiny” played an audio recording earlier today on his stream. In the clip, a Twitch streamer by the name of ClawOnTwitch could be heard abusing and hitting his partner.

ClawOnTwitch is a content creator on Twitch who does not have any partnerships with other companies. He began live streaming on the network in 2018. The majority of his streams are conducted in the Just Chatting format. On his channel, there are presently 22,352 people who follow him.

On Today’s Stream, the streamer said, “There’s like, so many weird recordings I’ve heard of this guy. Like, this is his girl. His current girlfriend is also a little bit crazy. Unfortunately talked to her in the past. But there’s like, weird s**t. This guy’s actually f***ing insane!”.

He also revealed that he has 100s of these types of recordings.

He further added, “Okay, there are two people, real quick. Don’t LSF this. If you clip this, I’m banning you because I don’t like, the whole of it. Especially with these people. Okay? There are like, two people, who are like, part of the Austin crowd. And it’s like, Clint and Claw (OnTwitch), and I legitimately think that both of these people are like schizopheric. I don’t know why, but everyone in that f***ing crowd is just weird.”

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ClawOnTwitch Threatened To Reveal Private Information About Steven

Destiny revealed the threat made by ClawOnTwitch to expose and publicize details about the former that concerned AdrianaLee, a Twitch streamer.

"Destiny" Played A Recording Of ClawOnTwitch Abusing His Girlfriend!

He said, “When Claw starts to like, threatening to leak stuff about me, or saying that he is like, going to expose me, for trying to f**k Adrianah or some s**t like that. If he wants to leak something about me, he can leak whatever he wants.”

ClawOnTwitch Revealed Something Serious

He revealed, “If he’s going to vague posting at me, I’m going to keep posting recordings I have of beating the s**t out of his girlfriend. Or any other weird f***ing things that I have like, 100 recordings of him doing.”

After saying this he plays the recording, which is really heart-wrenching.

"Destiny" Played A Recording Of ClawOnTwitch Abusing His Girlfriend!

After he stopped playing the recording, he added, “Yeah, this guy is f***ing insane! He’s an actual, like, a degenrate f***ing loser. I don’t know why the f**k he’s like, trying to call me out, or why he’s trying to f***ing tweet s**t at me, or why he’s trying to put me in this f***ing streams, or whatever. He is like an insanely, he’s like super abusive, he’s like insanely schizophrenic, and he’s doing these weird streams. He’s trying to do this weird connections, circle things. He’s an actual schizo f***ing lunatic!”.

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Who Is Destiny?

Destiny, aka American internet celebrity and political commentator Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, was born on December 12, 1988. He gained notoriety as an early adopter of the practice of live-streaming video games to an online audience. Since 2016, he has garnered even more notoriety by participating in live-streamed political debates with other online personas, in which he promotes liberal views.

He’s currently a partner in an open marriage to Swedish web star Melina Göransson. At the end of 2021, Bonnell and Göransson tied the knot.

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