Dave From Boyinaband Accused Of Pedophilia And Other Abuse!

Boyinaband, A YouTube Musician, Has Been Outed As a Pedophile And Abuser

Fans, followers, and other netizens have been curious as to what happened to Dave from Boyinaband. Their curiosity is well understandable since he hasn’t uploaded any video in 2 years.

For the uninitiated, David Paul Brown, who goes by the stage name Boyinaband and was born on August 24, 1987, is an English musician, songwriter, rapper, and YouTuber.

Brown is known for his song “Don’t Stay in School” and his work with YouTubers like iDubbbz, Roomie, Andrew Huang, TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, Emma Blackery, Dan Bull, Corpse Husband, PewDiePie, and Jackfrags.

Dave From Boyinaband Accused Of Pedophilia And Other Abuse

There have been ongoing incidences of various allegations raised against Boyinaband by his former collaborators. We will discuss all of that in this article, so read on to know more.

What Happened To Boyinaband? Why Hasn’t He Uploaded Any Videos In Two Years?

All kinds of rumors have been abounding about why Boyinaband hasn’t uploaded any new videos in almost 2 years. People have had their own set of conjectures why he might have decided to say adieu to Youtube, and then a Youtuber who goes by the username RoomieOfficial mentioned that Dave from Boyinaband might not return to Youtube. You can check the video below.

An insider reported, “he’s been taking time to improve his mental health, which, based on his occasional Instagram posts, has been made harder by the pandemic. He has recently said that things are getting better, though. I’m not sure if he has officially said what he wants to do next, but he does sometimes post stories and played in a few Twitch gaming streams last year.”

Boyinaband has more than 273k followers on his Instagram account however, he hasn’t posted anything new there as well.

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People were still coming up with different theories about Boyinaband leaving Youtube while a twist in the story was brewing elsewhere, A group of his ex-partners wrote a letter to his family a while ago to try to stop the pattern of abuse that had been going on. Read on to know more.

What Did Boyinaband Do? YouTube Musician, Boyinaband, Outed as Pedophile and Abuser

Some time ago, a group of girls, most of whom were his ex-partners, wrote a letter to his family to try to stop the pattern of abuse. According to the letter, they were a group of girls who dated Dave from Boyinaband for 1 to 6 years,

Dave From Boyinaband Accused Of Pedophilia And Other Abuse

The group then goes on to mention that putting up with his bad behavior for decades has put many young girls in horrible and dangerous situations, such as years of lies, tricks, and emotional, financial, physical, and even sexual abuse. They say that there is proof that David dated girls much younger than him for more than a decade, including his very gullible, obsessive, young fans.

After that, the group of girls alleges, “He is also attracted to pre-teenage girls, women who dress up to look like children, abusive p*rn, and assaults, which is proof that he is hooked on p*rn.  He’s a hebephile.”

Allegations That Boyinaband Abuses And Grooms Young Girls To Be Polyamorous

Many people say that he only dates and sleeps with a certain type of girl. Most of his recent girlfriends were 10 or more years younger than him, he has power and control over them, and they are never his equals.

Dave From Boyinaband Accused Of Pedophilia And Other Abuse

His ex-girlfriends say that he likes young, poor girls, usually college students who don’t have big careers yet and that he can impress them with his “success” and money. He only dates girls with a big difference in money and power, so he can control and change them.

Dave From Boyinaband Accused Of Pedophilia And Other Abuse

Because of this, most of them were too afraid to talk about it. His ideal partners look very young, like pre-teens, and are usually very skinny. If they aren’t, he tells them they are lazy and disgusting and tells them to lose weight.

Boyintheband forced several young girls to be polyamorous, even if they had never thought about it before. He promotes it as a better way to live, which isn’t right and might even be abusive. He tells his partners that they can be replaced, disappears if they don’t do everything he wants, and treats them with no empathy.

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We would like to mention that this is a story under development and so far there has been no formal investigation launched against Boyinaband so it’s not entirely appropriate to pin all the blame on him just on the basis of allegations made against him. So, until there is any further information we would advise our readers to take the entire situation with a pinch of salt.

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