Who Is David Bromstad’s Husband? All You Need To Know!

David Bromstad is an American interior decorator, furniture designer, artist, muralist, custom art maker, and TV personality. He is best known as the host of popular TV shows like HGTV’s “Color Splash with David Bromstad,” “Color Splash Miami,” and “My Lottery Dream House.” He started out as an illustrator for “Disney,” and then he started his own company that made fantasy bedrooms for kids. He later moved to Miami to work in TV.

At the moment, he is a mentor on HGTV’s show “Design Star.” He was the winner of the show’s first season. He was a judge on the show “Brother vs. Brother” for three seasons. David Bromstad is a spokesman for “Mythic Paints,” “Microsoft,” “Dupont,” “Sherwin Williams,” and “Tibotec Therapeutics.”

He is the face of the “Miele” brand of home appliances. He also writes a blog for HGTV once a week. As a proud gay person, he has been on high-profile TV shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Apart from his professional life, his dating life always grabs the attention of people. In this post, we’ll explore David Bromstad’s personal relationship and more you need to know about him.

Who Is David Bromstad’s Husband? Is He Gay?

Fans were very upset with David in 2013 when he worked with the Salvation Army to host the charity’s Red Shield Redesign Bash. Gay rights activists have said that the Christian group is biased against the LGBTQ+ community.

Who Is David Bromstad's Husband In 2022? All You Need To Know!

The reality star told The Miami Herald at the time, “I know why people are mad at me, and I’m fine with that.” “We knew it would be a little bit controversial with the Salvation Army, but after doing some research, we thought the Salvation Army was trying to clean up its act and makeup with the LGBTQ community.”

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The openly gay reality star usually doesn’t talk about his personal life, but he seems to be single right now.

David Bromstad Had A Relationship With Jeffery Glasko

Previously, he was with Jeffrey Glasko for a long time. In a 2012 interview with South Florida Gay News, he said “On Valentine’s Day, they met at a party for single people at Firestone in Orlando. I had a crush on him for a very long time, but I never met him.”

Who Is David Bromstad's Husband In 2022? All You Need To Know!

He went on, “We were always with other people, but when we were both single, we fell in love right away. It was a great time.” The two reportedly broke up in 2015, and Jeff filed a lawsuit saying that David “left him financially and emotionally devastated and revealed that David was involved with the dark world of dr*gs and s*x.” This started a legal battle between the two.

Jeffrey also said that David Bromstad would use their savings to pay for p**st***tes. He said that this was what made them stop trusting each other and ended their relationship.

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But according to reports, David was cleared of all charges and the case was dropped.

Who Is David Bromstad's Husband In 2022? All You Need To Know!

Before meeting David, Sources say that Jeffery worked for nearly five years at the Miami Police Department. He went from being a simple police officer to being a uniformed patrolman, then a detective, and finally the leader of a SWAT team. Jeffrey had also wanted to become a police officer for a very long time.

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