Who Is Phaedra Parks Dating In 2022?

Phaedra Parks was four months into a relationship with a doctor when filming began for season 2 of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip last fall.

Phaedra Parks has been a reality television celebrity ever since she first appeared on The Real Housewives in 2010. Using the notoriety she gained from her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was able to land roles on other reality shows, such as The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Who Is Phaedra Parks Dating In 2022?

Like most reality TV stars, Phaedra’s fans have become quite familiar with her over the past decade and a half. Her romantic life has been one part of her life that has been highlighted by her role on the different Real Housewives programs. Many of her fans are wondering who is Phaedra parks dating now. This is what we have learned.

Is Phaedra Parks Single Or Dating Someone?

In episode six, Tamra Judge took Phaedra out on a stroll to find out more about her background story. Since Phaedra has been less forthcoming than the rest of the group, Tamra made an effort to pull some information out of her concerning her romantic life.

When Phaedra was talking to Tamra, she didn’t sound too enamored with her new man. Phaedra hesitated before saying, “Eh, I mean he’s a good person, but I mean.”

Phaedra, for her part, doesn’t appear eager to go into a “marriage arrangement.” Fans of Phaedra might be taken aback to find that she is currently single in the year 2022. Phaedra recently updated her Instagram followers on how difficult it is for her to go on dates owing to her hectic work schedule and her responsibilities as a mother to her boys Ayden and Dylan.

The reality star posted a video of herself trying to figure out how she would spend time with her sons, do her various employment obligations, prepare supper, and go on a date within the next three hours. In addition to the caption, the hashtag “booked and busy single mom” was used.

Besides that one confession, Phaedra hasn’t been too forthcoming with fans about her private life as of late. However, she has provided her audience with numerous glimpses of her home life.

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Phaedra Has Broken Up With The Doctor

Unfortunately, Phaedra’s love affair with the doctor didn’t last. In July of 2022, Phaedra finally found happiness in her personal life.

Who Is Phaedra Parks Dating In 2022?

Phaedra filed for divorce from Apollo Nida, the father of her children, in 2016. The show followed the pair from their first meeting through their wedding day. Her subsequent most significant love interest was likewise a TV personality. 

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She and her then-boyfriend Medina Islam made an appearance on Marriage Bootcamp in 2020. During the show, it became clear that Phaedra didn’t want to get close to Medina. The couple broke up in 2021, and she probably dated the doctor for a short time after that.

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