Dick Butkus Wife: What Happened To Him?

Richard Marvin Butkus (1942-2023) was a renowned American football linebacker who played for the Chicago Bears in the NFL from 1965 to 1973. He earned eight Pro Bowl invitations, six first-team All-Pro selections, and was twice named NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Butkus was known for his fierce tackling and is considered one of the greatest linebackers in football history.

Recently, Dick Butkus passed away at 80 in Malibu, California. He married Helen Essenberg in 1963, had three kids, and faced health challenges from football injuries. He underwent bypass surgery in 2001. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into his passing, explore his family life, and examine the circumstances surrounding his death.

Who Is Did Butkus’ Wife, Helen Essenberg? Inside Their Relationship

Helen Essenberg is an American citizen hailing from the United States. Based on her appearance in photographs, it is estimated that she is currently in her late 50s. She identifies with a Caucasian ethnic background and practices Christianity as her religion.

Dick Butkus Wife: What Happened To Him?

Helen Essenberg, the wife of the late NFL legend Dick Butkus, was his high school sweetheart and they remained married for many years. They tied the knot in 1963 while both were students at the University of Illinois. Their relationship began during their high school years, and they built a strong and lasting connection.

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After initially meeting during their high school days and forming a strong bond, Helen Essenberg became the ideal wife to Dick Butkus and a wonderful mother to their children. Throughout their 60-year marriage, she opted to stay away from public attention and focused on being a dedicated wife and mother.

Who Are Dick Butkus And Helen’s kids?

In Helen and Dick’s marriage, the couple had three children: two sons named Ricky and Matt, as well as a daughter named Nikki. Among their children, it was Matt who followed a career path similar to his legendary father, Dick Butkus.

Dick Butkus Wife: What Happened To Him?

Matt Butkus pursued football at the collegiate level and played as a defensive lineman for the USC Trojans. While he didn’t reach the NFL, he demonstrated solid skills during his college years, representing a prestigious football program at USC.

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Dick Butkus, on the other hand, was an exceptional talent in his own right. He was widely regarded as the “gold standard” for middle linebackers, with “USA Today” recognizing him as the benchmark against which all other players in that position were measured due to his incredible skills and achievements.

Death Of NFL Star And Chicago Bears Legend Dick Butkus At Age 80

NFL Hall of Famer and iconic Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus passed away at the age of 80, as confirmed by his family. He died peacefully in his Malibu, California home while surrounded by loved ones. The announcement of his passing occurred shortly before a “Thursday Night Football” game (i.e) on October 5, 2023, involving the Chicago Bears and the Washington Commanders, with fans observing a moment of silence in his honor.

Dick Butkus Wife: What Happened To Him?

Dick Butkus was celebrated as a football legend, known for his tenacity and hard-nosed defensive style. The Bears’ chairman, George McCaskey, hailed Butkus as the epitome of what the team and the city of Chicago represent, emphasizing his toughness, intelligence, instincts, passion, and leadership. Butkus was regarded as one of the greatest NFL players in history and played a significant role in shaping the linebacker position.

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