Is Donny Cates Getting A Divorce From Wife Megan Hutchison?

Donny Cates is an American comic book writer and artist who has worked on a number of titles for Marvel and other publishers, including Venom, Doctor Strange, and Thanos. He has also written stories for IDW Publishing and released God Country through Image Comics. In 2020, he began writing Thor and in 2021, he and artist Ryan Stegman started their own production company called KLC Press.

Cates also took over as the writer of Hulk in 2021, with artist Ryan Ottley joining the team. In June 2022, it was announced that Vansh, a book by Cates and Stegman, would receive a physical release through Image Comics.

Is Donny Cates Getting A Divorce From Wife Megan Hutchison?

As fans began to question if Donny Cates’ Crossover book had been canceled or if he had moved on to work for another comic book publisher, they began to worry that something wasn’t right in the author’s personal life. In this post, we will discuss the relationship status between Donny Cates and his wife and whether they have gone their separate ways.

Donny’s Deleted Tweets Raised Suspicions Of Him Getting A Divorce.

Fans have noted that Donny Cates seems to have disappeared from the scene, and that Ryan Ottley will be taking over as artist and writer for the next arc of Incredible Hulk. No one had heard from him in quite some time, and he had previously complained about trolls on Twitter and even taken pauses from the platform.

Is Donny Cates Getting A Divorce From Wife Megan Hutchison?

He’s consistently put out quality work over the past few years, and there have been whispers about his marriage problems for the past year or so.

In addition, many of his tweets from a few months ago that he has since deleted seem to imply that he and his wife Megan Hutchison-Cates are divorcing. Moreover, it has been speculated that his drug usage and subsequent relapse contributed to the divorce. Cates’s experience with substance abuse and his status as a recovering addict are facts that he has discussed publicly in the past.

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Cates Said His Wife Megan Hutchison-Cates Was Getting Harassed When The Two First Began Dating

Donny claimed on Twitter last year that he had been the victim of photoshopped harassment by “CG incels,” but he also claimed that comic book professionals had harassed him and his girlfriend before he started seeing her.

Cates, opined that it is appropriate for friends (both male and female) to compliment a person’s appearance, as long as the compliment is given in good faith and the relationship is one of trust. He specifically mentions that his wife, Megan Hutchison-Cates, has many male friends in the film and comics industry, and that these friends are respectful of their marriage and of Megan. Cates states that he would not have a problem if one of these friends commented on Megan’s appearance on social media, saying she looks beautiful. Whether all of this had any role to play in Cates’ marital life woes remains to be seen.

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Donny Cates’ Wife Drops ‘Cates’ Surname From Her Instagram Profile: Have They Separated?

Eagle eyed fans were quick to notice that Cates’ wife has dropped the surname ‘Cates’ from her Instagram profile. On Instagram, where she goes by the name @blackem art and has 6119 followers, Megan Hutchison routinely shares snippets of her life with her audience and showcases her artwork.

So far, there has been no confirmation of a split from either Donny Cates or his wife Megan Hutchison, so it appears fans would have to wait with bated breath till there is an official announcement or the story develops further

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