Emily Noble Husband: What Happened To Her?

The discovery of 52-year-old Emily Noble’s lifeless body in September 2020 sent shockwaves not only through her loved ones but also across the nation due to the gruesome nature of the case. What makes this case particularly intriguing is not just the fact that her death was officially classified as a homicide but that her husband, Matheau “Matt” Moore, was subsequently arrested, tried, and ultimately acquitted of the murder charges.

To unravel the circumstances surrounding this incident and determine whether it was a suicide or something else entirely, we will delve into the incident in meticulous detail within this article. Additionally, we will provide comprehensive insights into Emily Noble’s life, shedding light on her husband and the significant events that unfolded in her journey.

Matt Moore, Husband Of Emily Noble And Their Relationship

Around the mid-2010s, the paths of Matt and Emily Noble crossed on Plenty of Fish, an online dating platform. Surprisingly, despite their contrasting personalities, they quickly developed strong feelings for each other. While Emily was known for her meticulous cleanliness and exceptional hygiene, Matt was described as disheveled, messy, possessive, and more dominant than her.

Emily Noble Husband: What Happened To Her?

Emily had experienced the loss of her first husband to suicide in 2011, leaving her a widow. In contrast, Matt was a divorced father of two, tragically losing one child in their early years and another to suicide in 2019. Now, let’s delve deeper into her life and the unfortunate circumstances of her tragic demise in the following paragraph.

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The Circumstances Surrounding Emily Noble’s Death: What Transpired?

Emily Noble met a tragic fate as a murder victim in Westerville, Ohio. Her loved ones remember her fondly, describing her as trustworthy, kind, generous, adventurous, happy, and intelligent. The unfortunate series of events began on May 25, 2020, when Emily’s husband, Matheau Moore, reported her missing. She had not returned home after celebrating her birthday the previous night of May 25, 2020.

Emily Noble Husband: What Happened To Her?

The case of Emily Noble took a tragic turn when the police discovered her lifeless body, prompting an investigation into her homicide. The grim discovery occurred on September 16 of the same year when Emily’s lifeless body, aged 52, was found in a nearby wooded area close to her and Matheau’s residence. Her death then became the subject of a homicide investigation.

Emily’s autopsy revealed multiple fractures to her face and neck, consistent with strangulation. The crime scene added to the complexity of the case, as her body was found hanging from a tree, with a USB cord wrapped around her neck. On June 17, 2021, Matheau, Emily’s husband, was arrested in connection with her murder.

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Law enforcement initially suspected him of killing Emily and attempting to make it look like she had died by suicide. Matheau pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and one count of felonious assault. On August 26, 2022, he was acquitted of all charges related to Emily’s death.

Following his acquittal, Matheau continued to assert that Emily’s death was a suicide. He expressed the complexities of dealing with such a situation, having experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide twice before, once with his son and now with his wife.

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