Know About Enkyboys Randy Gonzalez’s Wife As TikTok Star Dies At 35

Randy Gonzalez was a Brazilian-American TikTok Star, YouTuber, Model, Entertainer, and Social Media Influencer from Texas, United States of America. He was born on September 13, 1987. He was known for the videos he makes with his son Brice Gonzalez. He was said to make videos of lip-syncing, pranks, dancing, challenges, vlogs, and other things.

Randy Gonzalez, a popular TikTok user, and father of three died on Wednesday. This is sad news. He was only 35 years old. Over 15.9 million people follow him on the app, which shows how much of an impact he had on the world. According to TMZ, Randy died Wednesday in a hospice. Six months after his diagnosis, in October 2021, he told his followers about it in April 2022. He said that at the time, doctors told him he only had two or three years to live.

Fans of Enkyboys want to know more about his personal life, like who his wife is and how they got together. Read on to find out everything about his life in detail.

Who Is Randy Gonzalez’s Wife?

Randy got married to his girlfriend Kimberly Gonzalez. Before they got married, they were together for a long time. Even though we don’t know when or where they met or fell in love for the first time, they looked great together. In Instagram posts, he called his wife “mama dice.” She mostly shows up in his social media posts about her.

Know About Enkyboys Randy Gonzalez's Wife As  TikTok Star Dies At 35

Randy Gonzalez, his wife Kimberly, and their three children, Brice, Lauran, and Aubree. Even though they were sad to hear about cancer. Both were worried about the other, but Kimberly was staying too strong and helped her husband. The whole family was now living in the United States. Randy and Kimberly are said to have three children together. Brice Gonzalez is the name of their son and one of their three children.

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What Is The Cause Of Randy Gonzalez’s Death?

Gonzalez said he had started treatment six months before he told people about his diagnosis in April 2022, per reports. He said that chemotherapy might give him five more years. “I didn’t tell anyone, and I felt bad about it because it was my business and I didn’t want everyone to know. But I think I can use my situation to help other young men in my situation,” he said at the time.

Gonzalez and his son Brice kept posting on the social media site, telling their 15 million followers about his condition. They said, for example, that he had been in pain before he was diagnosed, and that his wife had suggested he get a colonoscopy.

Know About Enkyboys Randy Gonzalez's Wife As  TikTok Star Dies At 35

Brice got a part on the NBC sitcom “Lopez vs. Lopez” because of the videos they made. He will also be in the movie “Flamin’ Hot,” which is about how Flamin’ Hot Cheetos came to be. Gonzalez’s wife, Kimberly, and their three kids, Aubree, Brice, and Lauren, are the only people who will remember him.

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Randy also set up a donation page on GoFundMe to get the word out about his illness and raise money for his medical care. In the video, he said that the doctor told him that this treatment will cost him between $150,000 and $200,000. As of April 15, 2022, he was said to have raised more than $143,000 in donations. He asked his fans to pray for him as well.

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