Know About Erica Cobb’s Husband As She Won NAACP Image Awards

Erica Cobb is an American media personality who has been on shows like Pyke at Night, Eddie & Jobo, Eddie, Jobo & Erica Show, and Bj, Howie & Erica Show. She worked as a co-host on the CBS Radio B96 Chicago Morning Show when she got out of college. Since starting out in the media, Erica has done countless selfless efforts that prove her significance. She danced with the DePaul Demonettes and was good at working in the media.

Erica Cobb is the host and announcer of the syndicated daytime show Daily Blast Live, which is produced by Tegna. Cobb recently won the Outstanding Society and Culture Podcast award at the NAACP Image Awards 2023 for her podcast “Comeback with Erica Cobb.”

People started talking about her a lot more after she won the prize. The public is more curious about her husband and their connection. This piece will go over all the bases and provide you with all the information you require.

Who Is Erica Cobb Married To? Know About Their Relationship

Erica Cobb’s romantic love life includes her budding relationship with her Canadian husband, Anthony. They met through a mutual friend, Nicole. After they met for the first time, they became friends, which later turned into something more romantic.

Know About Erica Cobb's Husband As She Won NAACP Image Awards

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Erica and her husband flew to Mexico for their first date, which they didn’t tell their families about. But after dating for a few years, they told their close friends and family that they were getting married. Then, on July 16, 2016, their family and friends from the U.S. and Canada flew to Mexico to join the wedding.

Cobb and Anthony have been together for six years. On their fifth wedding anniversary, without missing a beat, she also posted an anniversary message with a photo of the couple’s wedding day and some sweet words for her husband. Erica posted a short video to Instagram wishing her husband well and thanking their family for being a part of such a beautiful journey. They’ve been married for a long time, but they don’t have any kids. But they do have a goddaughter whose name is Lil Miss Amelia Rose.

Know About Erica Cobb's Husband As She Won NAACP Image Awards

Cobb is a family person who puts her family ahead of everything else. She spends a lot of time with them and posts about her happy times on social media. She also used Instagram to wish Anthony a happy birthday on March 11 and to thank him for making her feel loved, supported, and encouraged.

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Cobb’s First Marriage Was A Failure

Before Cobb met Anthony, the man of her dreams, the TV host was married to Jess Lehman. In 2010, they were on a reality show called “The Marriage Ref.” The couple came in hoping to settle their argument about whether Cobb should keep her maiden name after she got married, but Cobb lost the debate because most of the audience agreed with her. After appearing on the show, the couple’s marriage broke up. But when she met Anthony, who was the real deal, love came back to her.

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