Who Is Marina Marraco’s Husband? The Anchor Expecting Her First Baby

Marina is an American reporter and news anchor who works at Fox-WTTG News in Washington, D.C. Before joining WTTG News, Marina worked in the Orlando area at WESH-TV and WVEN News. Marina went to the University of Florida to get her education. There, she got a degree in Mass Communication.

After she graduated, she worked as a news assistant at a local station in New York for a while. While she was there, she wrote about politics and the earthquake in Haiti. She then went to work for Univision in Orlando, where she talked to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Senator Marco Rubio as they ran against each other in the primaries.

Marina Marraco and Angie Goff, two anchors for FOX 5’s evening newscasts and “Like It or Not,” both announced that they are expecting babies on the same show. Both are due in the summer (but about 3 weeks apart!). Marina will have her first child, and Angie will have her fourth. The whole FOX 5 DC team is happy for them, and there will be a lot more baby content on DMV Zone, FOX 5 News, and Like It Or Not in the coming months.

Who Is Marina Marraco’s Husband?

Everyone is curious about her husband or the father of her unborn child after hearing the news of her pregnancy. Marina, on the other hand, is very secretive about her private life. Her secret romance was never discussed in public. It appears that neither her husband nor her boyfriend is mentioned on any of her social media accounts. To our knowledge, she has never shared a photo of her significant other online. We don’t know who her current partner is or if she’s married at this time. However, she had been in a relationship before. In order to find out more about that, keep reading.

Who Is Marina Marraco's Husband? The Anchor Expecting Her First Baby

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Know About Marina Marraco’s Past Relationship

Mariana Marraco, a reporter for WTTG Fox 5, allegedly had a boyfriend.  As far as we are aware, she and her partner, Ronnie McRay, have been engaged since 2018. For a living, he works as a photojournalist. They uprooted their lives and headed toward the nation’s capital. It would appear that they share an office. Yet the news of their breakup came after they had already gotten engaged. The couple also informs their respective social circles of the breakup. Beyond that point, details such as the reason for their split remain unknown.

Who Is Marina Marraco's Husband? The Anchor Expecting Her First Baby

Clearly, Marraco is quite protective of her privacy. The FOX 5 host is quite active on Twitter, but she keeps her personal life private, including her relationship status, and she has never divulged any of them. She also avoids discussing her family relationships.

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Perhaps the journalist is single, or maybe she’s seeing someone, or maybe she’s married and doesn’t want her private life publicized. Marraco has close friendships with WTTG staff members Sara Juedes (a writer and producer), Ba’Naka, and Lauren DeMarco (a journalist). Recently, Marraco and her friends had a nice time, which she Tweeted about. According to her Twitter, she is currently based in the nation’s capital.

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