Who Is Evan Sausage? Know About SSSniperwolf’s Boyfriend IG Handle!

SSSniperwolf is a well-known online personality who has a huge effect on the gaming community. She makes gaming commentary videos, do-it-yourself videos, and vlogs on her different platforms, which have made her very popular online.

SSSniperwolf was born on October 22, 1992, as Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh. SSSniperwolf’s father is Greek and her mother is Turkish, she has a mixed background. When Lia was six years old, her family moved to the United States of America, and she became interested in games.

Lia’s family moved to the United States of America when she was six years old, and she became interested in games. The story goes that her father had to buy her a Sony PlayStation so that she and her brother would stop fighting.

So, of course, she played lots of games and got good at them as she grew up. Lia decided to start a YouTube channel called SSSniperwolf which became very popular. Her channels are mostly about videos of her playing Call of Duty and her reactions to them.

Who Is Evan Sausage? Know About SSSniperwolf's Boyfriend IG Handle!

Her videos have always put SSSniperwolf in the spotlight. This time, though, she is in the news because of her boyfriend. So, read the article to learn more about Sssniperwolf’s partner.

Who Is Lia AKA Sssniperwolf’s Boyfriend?

It looks like SSSniperwolf is still dating Evan Sausage. But they have always been dating on and off. Even so, she always told her fans what was going on in her private life. But she hasn’t given any new information in a while. Who knows, maybe she’s with him or maybe she’s single. So, as soon as we find out anything new, we’ll let you know.

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Did Evan And SSSniperwolf Breakup?

Some online sources claim that Evan and SSSniperwolf are together. SSSniperWolf is still with her boyfriend, Evan Sausage. Evan is just taking a break from all social media and YouTube right now, which is why he hasn’t been commenting on Lia’s posts and doesn’t even post anything on his social media.

Who Is Evan Sausage? Know About SSSniperwolf's Boyfriend IG Handle!

Some fans, including Evan himself, think that some people are jealous of his relationship with SSSniperWolf. Some people even think that’s why Evan Sausage stopped posting on his YouTube channel and other social media sites.

On the other hand, some sources say that they broke up. Because Evan cheated on Lia. But the couple hasn’t said anything about it. The last time he was in one of her videos was in 2019, and the title was “I Want a Baby Prank on My Boyfriend.”

Know About Evan Sausage’s Instagram Account

Evan Sausage, SSSniperwolf’s boyfriend, is currently present under the Instagram handle @evansausage. He is followed by 71,7K people. In his bio, he wrote, “Evan | twitter.com/evansausage on a weight loss transformation/journey”.

His most recent post was in 2018. In the photo, he can be seen with SSSniperwolf. He posted it with the words “With the cat.”

SSSniperWolf And Sausage’s Breakups, Arrests, And Armed Robbery

When SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage broke up in 2016, she posted YouTube recordings of each stage. “WE BROKE UP” was her May 24 video.

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On June 9, she posted another video, “WE GOT BACK TOGETHER,” showing a romantic airport reunion. On Sept. 28, SSSniperWolf posted another video titled “EXPLAINING MY BREAKUP,” explaining that they broke up but were still roommates.

Who Is Evan Sausage? Know About SSSniperwolf's Boyfriend IG Handle!

SSSniperWolf and Sausage also have legal troubles. She stated in “ARRESTED” how Sausage changed his phone wallpaper to a photo of another female, causing a dispute. After screaming, she and Sausage were detained for disorderly conduct. In another video, SSSniperWolf told followers she and Sausage were arrested for armed robbery in 2013.

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