Fitness Apps For Android Users

Android users looking for the best fitness apps, this post is for you. 

Our smartphones can help us stay healthy in many ways. The Play Store has everything from sleep tracker apps to fitness trackers. Fitness apps for Android will surely help you lead a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether you have a gym subscription or train at home.

We can get valuable information about our workouts from Android smartphones thanks to a wide range of sensors. We can keep track of our progress with fitness apps for Android thanks to these sensors.

Applications like these use sensor data to provide valuable information for losing weight, gaining muscle, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The training routines also contain instructions on how to do home exercises properly.

The apps you will find out in a while are free so the only thing you might need is a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum and you are sorted. Yes, that is all you need. The rates are also pretty affordable and you can bundle your phone, internet, and, cable to save some more money.

Anyway, below are the apps:

Adidas Runtastic 

Any person who likes to exercise regularly can use this fitness tracker app for Android. Run, walk, bike, and jog your routes with GPS. Graphs and tables are created regarding your progress by Runtastic based on this tracked information. Additionally, the application can be used on treadmills and other gym equipment.

It also offers live tracking, coaching, cheering, and goal setting. You can share your success straight from your smartwatch on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google’s WearOS.

Despite being free, the app contains ads and some in-app purchases


Android users can track their fitness using Moves, a free fitness tracker app. You can automatically track the exercise you do every day, including walks, bike rides, swimming, and running. Your movements are tracked with Moves, which shows you the steps, calculates your calorie burn, how much you travel, and the total distance traveled automatically. A map of your route is also provided so that you can mark sites that you would like to revisit or remember. At the end of the day, Moves will summarize all the information it has collected about your activity.

Google Fit

In terms of workout trackers, Google Fit is one of the best. Users can record their fitness activities by using an activity tracker or a mobile device. Running, walking, and cycling events will be tracked in real-time, including speed, pace, route, elevation, etc.

Besides setting goals for steps, time, and distance, you can also track calorie burn. Exercise apps like this one are great for home workouts, and they are totally integrated with WearOS. A fitness monitoring app can also be synced and imported with this activity tracker app.

A key feature of Google Fit that sets it apart from other free workout apps is that there is no paid version available. Ads and in-app purchases are also not available.

Sleep Monitor

For good health and fitness, good sleep is essential. You can improve your rest periods by monitoring your sleep with Sleep Monitor, one of the best Android health apps. You will be able to track your sleep cycle and your sleep time, and a series of graphs will be displayed. Sleep patterns, noises you make while sleeping, and when you go to bed and wake up can also be seen.

By doing this, you can find out what time of the night you are sleeping the deepest and how well you are resting. In addition to helping you wake up early, it also allows you to set an early bedtime alarm.

Snoring can be detected by the app, and dream-talking can be recorded by the app. Furthermore, it allows you to schedule the times when the WiFi connection will be disconnected, or when the silent mode will be activated.

Strava GPS

The Strava app for Android is a great workout app that enables tracking of runs, mapping of cycling routes, and analysis of training results. It is exciting to see that Strava has a leaderboard where users can compete against each other or challenge themselves.

In the premium version of Strava, you can train for triathlons and marathons using GPS distance tracking and mile counters. Cycling enthusiasts may find the app useful. With the largest network of roads and trails, you will be able to explore new routes for running and biking. With in-app purchases, it is free and without ads.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of this fitness post. We hope you found it helpful and have already downloaded some of them. If you have other names in mind, please let us know by commenting below. We will get back to you soon. You can also drop down your queries, questions, and concerns. 

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