Top Action Movies on Netflix These Days

No matter what you are looking for, whether it’s a new home theater setup worth a test run or a good time on the couch, Netflix action movies are plentiful and new releases are added almost every week, so it can be difficult to pick the top ones. Now that streaming services are everywhere, it is hard to find someone without at least one subscription. Despite the option of having an extensive Canales de Mediacom selection, people still want more content, given all the new content being released every day.

If you have a Netflix subscription and are looking for which action movies to watch, scroll down to see the best action movies streaming on Netflix now.

1. Red Notice

Netflix’s globe-trotting comedy Red Notice is a priceless artifact. Rawson Marshall Thurber’s comedy-thriller and about is exactly what it says it is, so you don’t need any sugary drinks to enjoy it. A stunning and non-demanding comedy featuring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot stuck like fingerprints on character types.

Reynolds portrays the master of art theft Nolan Booth, whom we first meet when Johnson is pursued by his FBI profiler John Hartley for stealing the said artifact. Many twists, surprises, incarcerations that surprise, and jokes about Johnson’s physique are later revealed; Hartley and Booth reluctantly join forces to defeat Bishop, the super-thief who consistently defeats them.

2. Extraction

Chris Hemsworth stars in this Netflix original story about a mercenary who is combing Bangladesh to find the kidnapped son of a drug dealer. In the process, the boy grows fonder of the boy and eventually assumes the role of protector. The action is wild; in addition, Chris Hemsworth gives an excellent performance as the lead actor, while Hargrave is doing some entertaining things on camera. Extraction has been praised by the majority of people and debuted on Netflix to a huge audience.

3. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

A veteran of animation, Brad Bird was an unlikely candidate to run an action blockbuster franchise, but he has directed the best installment in the series through Mission Impossible. In Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise plays secret agent Ethan Hunt, whose agency is accused of perpetrating a major terrorist attack.

Bird performs incredible stunts, like one that involves Cruise being suspended off Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and a vibrant dialogue and engaging interaction between characters.

4. The Old Guard 

Charlize Theron is the star of this cult graphic novel adaptation. It’s an amazing mash-up of battle scenes and fantasy tales that play the role of a contemporary action hero. The Old Guard is a story of a group of do-gooder mercenaries headed by the actor Andy, who are immortal. Through time, they have managed to remain in the dark and pass judgment without being noticed, but the advancement of technology will soon make it impossible.

It is not content to rely only on its ingenious “unstoppable warriors” concept, unveiled in the opening show-stopping scene. The film kicks a hard on all fronts. Director Gina Prince-Bythewood shows her ability to weave an engaging story and likable characters. It has an old-fashioned romance as well.

5. Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds continues his star streak in this charming story of time travel sagas and sweet relationships. Be assured that Adam Project has plenty of action that will keep you in the driver’s seat.

Ryan Reynolds plays Adam; a futuristic fighter pilot sent back to the past to correct his past wrongs and save humanity. Adam teams up with his 12-year-old self to complete the mission. On the way, the two must deal with the loss of their father (Mark Ruffalo) and come to terms with getting to know each other. Grab your seat to enjoy this time-traveling adventure with actors you love from Marvel films!

6. Army of the Dead

The visionary filmmaker Zack Synder returns to his action roots with Army of the Dead. This zombie shooter-em-up can be described as the spiritual follow-up to the Synder remake of Dawn of the Dead. The film is an action-packed, zombie heist film, which follows a group of mercenaries traveling to the apocalypse-ridden Las Vegas to crack an almost solid safe with the expectation of a massive reward.

 The cast of this include Dave Bautista, Matthias Schweighofer, Ella Purnell, Tig Notaro, Ana de la Reguera and Omari Hardwick.

7. Army of Thieves

As the film’s title implies, it takes place six years before the zombie heist film Army of the Dead. Matthias Schweighofer plays Ludwig Dieter, who is also the film’s director. It is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, and Ludwig is only beginning his days of securing himself when a mysterious woman recruits him to conduct a heist along with a motley group of young thieves.

The cast includes Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel as well as British comedy actor Guz Khan, while Zack Snyder executive produces. This is a good film, a part-Fast and Furious comedy action film that is sure to please people who love Army of the Dead.


The above-mentioned films can all be streamed on Netflix and give you a little adrenaline rush. We have listed the top movies as the giant streaming platform has an extensive action film catalog. However, not all are worth watching. So give our list a go! You won’t be disappointed.

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