Who Is Grace Park’s Husband? Inside Their Relationship

Grace Park, an American-Canadian actress, and model is known for her exceptional performances in several TV series and movies. The talented actress has won the hearts of many with her acting skills, but there’s another man who has been her constant support throughout her journey, and that is her husband, Phil Kim. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Phil Kim, his professional life, and his relationship with Grace Park.

Grace Park’s Husband, Phil Kim Is The Entrepreneur In The Real Estate Industry

Phil Kim is a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the President of Sun Capital, SCC Construction, Zen Ventures Inc., and Eco Technology Ventures Inc. Phil has extensive experience working in venture capital, property development, and mergers & acquisitions. He has worked on several projects, including rezoning 136 acres in Oahu, purchasing and renovating Metropole Apartments, and The Iconic Sun Tower’s purchase, renovation, and sales, among others.

Who Is Grace Park's Husband? Inside Their Relationship

Apart from his work in the real estate industry, Phil Kim is also involved in the film production industry. He started a film production company to produce feature films and television series to fulfill the global demand for streaming services. His contributions to the film industry have been significant, and he has played a vital role in uplifting the industry.

Phil Kim graduated from The University of British Columbia in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. Before that, he attended the University of Simon Fraser, where he studied Economics, Accounting, and Political Science. His academic qualifications have played a vital role in shaping his career and helped him achieve success in his professional life.

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A Look Into Grace Park and Phil Kim Love Story

Grace Park and Phil Kim tied the knot in 2004, and the couple has been married for nearly two decades now. However, they have kept their wedding details private and have not shared any information about their wedding with the media. Although they appear together during red-carpet events seldomly, they have kept their personal life away from the media’s attention.

In Hawaii Five-0, Grace’s character Kono married Adam Noshimuri, but their married life was cut short after Grace exited the show in season 8. Talking about Grace Park’s kids, the actress only has a son born in 2013. Her child is already ten years old, but he has never made any public appearances with his parents or by himself.

Who Is Grace Park's Husband? Inside Their Relationship

Phil Kim has been an essential part of Grace Park’s life, providing her with constant support and encouragement throughout her journey. The couple met in 2002 when Phil went on a trip to Canada, and the two started dating. Despite the differences in their respective careers, their relationship continued to grow stronger, and they decided to marry in 2004 in Canada, attended by family members, close friends, and people from the entertainment industry.

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Grace Park’s son is a big part of her life, and she has been very protective of him. According to TV Over Mind, she was restricted by her doctors to fly during the last months of her pregnancy, and some of her scenes in Hawaii Five-0 were shot in Vancouver instead of Hawaii. The family of three resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Grace Park also owns a Comfort food restaurant in Makati.

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