Who Is Hallie Jackson’s Husband? Meet Her Boyfriend Frank Thorp

As one of the most recognizable faces in American journalism, Hallie Jackson has carved out a prominent career in the world of politics and media. Over the years, she has covered some of the most significant political stories in the country, earning herself a place among the top journalists in America. Jackson began her career in journalism, working as a reporter and anchor in various local news stations across the country.

At NBC, Jackson quickly rose through the ranks, covering numerous political stories and earning a reputation as one of the most respected and accomplished journalists in the business. She is currently Senior Washington Correspondent for NBC News, an anchor for NBC News Now, and a fill-in and substitute host for Today, Sunday Today With Willie Geist, and NBC Nightly News. She is also a news reporter on the ‘Today’ show.

However, as much as her professional life has been in the limelight, her personal life has remained shrouded in mystery. In this article, we take a closer look at Hallie Jackson’s past and current relationships, including her marriage to Doug Hitchner and her current relationship with fellow journalist Frank Thorp.

Who Is Hallie Jackson’s Current Partner?

After her divorce from Doug, Hallie Jackson has kept her personal life out of the public eye. However, in recent years, rumors have been circulating about her relationship with fellow journalist Frank Thorp, who is NBC’s Capitol Hill producer and anchor. Frank is a graduate of West Virginia University and has worked with several media outlets before settling with NBC.

Who Is Hallie Jackson's Husband? Meet Her Boyfriend Frank Thorp

The couple had kept their relationship under wraps until recently when they announced the birth of their first child, Monroe ‘Ro’ Jackson Thorp, in March 2020. The couple expressed their excitement and anticipation to meet their child for the first time, with Frank saying that he was not prepared to see his girlfriend bring forth their daughter with such strength and confidence. The family is currently living in Washington, DC, and enjoying their new season as a family.

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Know About Hallie Jackson’s Marriage To Doug Hitchner

While studying at Johns Hopkins, Hallie Jackson met Doug Hitchner, a fellow student and baseball player. They dated for about four years before getting engaged in 2010. The couple kept their engagement low-key, with minimal publicity. About a year later, they tied the knot in Hallie’s home state of Pennsylvania, in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Who Is Hallie Jackson's Husband? Meet Her Boyfriend Frank Thorp

Sadly, the marriage did not last, and the couple got divorced in 2014. The circumstances leading to their divorce remain unclear, and neither Doug nor Hallie has issued a public statement about the termination of their marriage. They did not have any children together, and Doug Hitchner’s whereabouts have remained unknown since then.

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How Many Kids Does Hallie Jackson Have?

There have been rumors that Hallie Jackson had children with her ex-husband, Doug Hitchner. The statements claim that Hallie Jackson’s daughters have been kept away from social media, and their birthplaces and whereabouts remain unknown. However, the validity of these stories has not been ascertained because the daughter she shared with Frank was her firstborn. Hallie has not confirmed that she had other children previously.

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