Has Ellen Pompeo Broken Up With Her Husband, Chris Ivery?

Chris Ivery, the husband of Ellen Pompeo, was recently caught without his wedding ring while having dinner at the popular Malibu restaurant Nobu with an attractive mystery blonde.

Has Ellen Pompeo Broken Up With Her Husband, Chris Ivery?

The tall blonde looked chic in a black mini dress and a fashionable oversized beige blazer. She wore strappy heels and carried a black Dior purse as she walked with Ivery to the valet.

The music producer is notoriously private about his personal and professional life, so this was an extremely unusual sighting. Before he realized he was being photographed, Pompeo’s husband appeared to be enjoying himself.

Ivery and Pompeo’s 15-year marriage was naturally the subject of speculation after this session. So what’s the truth here, let’s find out.

Have Ellen Pompeo And Her Husband Chris Ivery Separated?

There have long been accusations of adultery in the marriage between Ellen Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery, and this is not the first time he has been accused of it. In 2009, restaurant hostess Rachel Artz disclosed an affair she had with Ivery. However, a spokeswoman for Pompeo purportedly denied that a romance had blossomed between the two. In 2012, Ivery faced similar charges of disloyalty to Pompeo.

Has Ellen Pompeo Broken Up With Her Husband, Chris Ivery?

A source who spoke to Hollywood Life said that he was seen flirting with another woman at a concert and even invited her to go home with him. The insider went on, “Chris was tenacious. In front of his friends, he boldly asked for her number.

Their 15-year marriage has come under scrutiny after Chris Ivery was recently pictured leaving Nobu in Malibu with a gorgeous blonde mystery woman. In the photos obtained by Daily Mail, Ivery left his ring finger noticeably bare.

Two days later, Deux Moi published a blind piece claiming that “a network actress” had discussed “ending a chapter professionally.” Clearly about Ellen, but take it with a grain of salt: the blind claims that she and her music producer “had been separated for a while, and though it is not their first time [separating], most of her friends believe it’s finally the formal one.” In addition to claiming that Chris isn’t currently cheating on Ellen with the mysterious blonde, the blind item claims that “he has” cheated on her in the past.

Fans are waiting with bated breath to find out if Pompeo has indeed separated from her husband Ivery, as neither Chris nor Ellen have made an official remark on the matter.

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When Did Ellen Pompeo First Meet Husband Chris Ivery And Start Dating?

Pompeo told PEOPLE in 2006 that she met Ivery in a grocery store in Los Angeles in 2003. They were just friends for six months. Ivery remembered, “Then, one night, she just looked different to me.”

Has Ellen Pompeo Broken Up With Her Husband, Chris Ivery?

After three years together, Ivery asked Pompeo to marry him on her 37th birthday in 2006. Her representative told PEOPLE at the time, “She was surprised and thrilled.” Tacori, a jewelry designer, set a 3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond in platinum for Pompeo’s engagement ring.

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The couple got married in a quiet ceremony at City Hall in Lower Manhattan a year later. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, was a witness. Her father told PEOPLE, “She just didn’t want a big deal.” The actress had said in the past that she wanted to have a small affair. After she got engaged, she told PEOPLE, “There won’t be anything “big.” It will not be very big.”

Ivery and Pompeo have three kids: Stella Luna, born in 2009, Sienna May, born in 2014, and Eli Christopher, born in 2016.

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